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How to change your name?

For change of name, all you have to do is take a form from Government Book Depot which is located near the Collector’s office, next to BJ Medical hostel (ahead of Sasoon hospital). The postal address of the same is as follows:

Government Photozinco Press Premises and Book Depot,
5, Photozinco Press road, Photozinco Press premises,

Charges for change of name in the Maharashtra Government Gazette:

  • Rs 120 per insertion (for two copies of the Gazette)
  • For backward class applicants: Rs 60
  • Charges for extra copy of the Gazette: Rs 12 per copy

Backward class applicants are required to submit a Xerox copy of caste certificate of old name as issued by the Collector of the District concerned.

Once the form is duly submitted, it normally takes a month for publication of advertisement in the Maharashtra Government Gazette. The Gazette copy is sent to the address given on the form.

Note: Read the instructions given on the form carefully before filling the form.

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