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She's the kind of mom every kid dreams about. Who wouldn't? She can make dreams come true - whether they're made of Chocolate Fudge, Chocolate Truffles or Chocolate Mousse. Scherry Commissariat‚ of Scherry's always had the talent for making chocolates and desserts. When we say `talent', we mean TALENT because she never attended any baking or cooking classes. She learned through trial and error and with the help of her kids, who graciously offered their services as `tasters'. Helpful kids, they!

Starting four years ago, when her friends insisted on paying her for the goodies they wanted her to make for them, she sure has come a long way! She did slow down for a while, due to what she calls "sheer laziness". This hobby of hers, recently turned into a serious business when fate demanded so. After the demise of her husband, who she always saw as her best critic, this single mom of two kids, Dianne and Karl, found herself reaching for the chocolate moulds again, with renewed vigor.

The result? Almond Rocks, Mixed Rocks, Mint Drops, Coffee Walnut, Chocolate Fudge, Chocolate Truffles, Butterscotch Fudge and Chocolate Mousse. While her sinful chocolates are priced at approx. Rs. 580/- a kilo and differ according to the price of the ingredients used, her desserts are priced on the basis of the number of servings. She doesn't accept orders for less than six servings because it's too much effort for too little a quantity. Her mouth-watering Fudges cost approx. Rs. 450/- a kilo. The Mousse is priced at Rs. 300/- and serves six people. Trifles, she says, sell fast and have a large scope in terms of what she can do with them. She doesn't conform to the normal fruits and experiments with peaches and strawberry with chocolate.


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She also makes traditional Parsee sweets like Lagan nu Custard and Badam Pak. Very popular among her clients, is her Badam Ravo, made in authentic Parsee style using tons of almonds and mawa. Her orders for Badam Ravo are restricted to the winters as almonds are heaty dry fruits. Her Gajjar Mewa Halwa though, does extremely well during Diwali. She is the very illustration of the word `perfectionist'. "I don't make anything with which I'm not totally satisfied. If I'm convinced that it is of very good quality, only then do I take an order. I stopped because I was spending a lot of time and effort and people didn't like to pay enough." Diwali is the time when she is flooded with orders and you need to book yours at least ten days in advance. To add to that you might be at the mercy of her moods.

She doesn't call herself temperamental but "If I'm not in the mood, and I know the chocolate will be anything but a delicacy, I won't take the order. I don't like to tax myself and I don't want to do it just for the heck of it." Fair enough! People know about Scherry's desserts and chocolates mainly through word of mouth and the flyers that she distributes. Her plans for the future are to extend her business to the corporate orders. Opening an outlet in Pune is what she aims at. Chocolate Haven is what you might call her house but it's not all that easy for her kids, who only get the occasional pot to lick and as Dianne, at the tail-end of our tete-a-tete ruefully remarked, "she counts the chocolate pieces!" that she stores for her clients.

Life just ain't a piece of chocolate, eh! For more details contact Scherry
(between 4:00 p.m. and 9:00 )
p.m.) at 633340.

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