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The Ganesh Festival lasts 11 days, from the fourth day of the bright half of the Lunar month (Bhadrapada) to the fourteenth day of the same month (Anant Chaturdashi). On the first day, colorful idols of Lord Ganesh in various sizes, some of them over 20 feet tall, are brought home or to a public place with great fan-fare. The image is then installed ceremoniously and worshipped for 10 days with great devotion and joy. On the last day, the idols are taken in huge processions for immersion in the river or sea.

The Ganesh Festival is an international event now. The people of Pune, Government of India and Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation have joined hands to make it a unique event.

In magnitude, the festival is unparalleled, anywhere in the world. For 11 days the city of Pune resounds with the celebrations of Ganesh Festival.

Ganapati Fever



The special activities start with the installation of Ganesh idol at Bal Gangadhar Tilak's residence. The festivities include the best in Maharashtrian art and culture: theatre and film festival, classical dance and music festival, folk art and folk music. Leading exponents in their field perform before a large audience. Or may be you'd like to participate in the bullock-cart races or perhaps, the car and motorcycle rallies. And there are wrestlers to test their skills. Also an exposition of the regional cuisine. Should you want a first-hand experience of rituals and ceremonies, the people of Pune are more than eager to give you a helping hand. So join in the fun. The people-warm, friendly and welcoming, are waiting.

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