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Pune meri jaan
1.gif (2659 bytes)Cheapest Threads
Where else but at the bargain paradise in Pune, the M.G. Road, where sweaters, t-shirts, shoes belts, food, glasses all find their way!
2 Melt in the mouth delicacies
There is no way that you can ignore the shrewsberry biscuits from the Kayani bakery that have driven the Puneite and the not-so-Puneite up the wall with its divine taste, melt -in –the- mouth softness, baked to perfection. Umm…
3.gif (2428 bytes)Best holiday sites
Want to get away from the mad rush of the city into the cool confines of nature? A pleasant one and a half hour drive ensures that your wish comes true! Yes, we are talking about Lonavla and Khandala to unwind, let your hair down and have freaky time!
4  We don’t need no education…
This was a song that was definitely not penned down keeping in mind the no of education institutions in and around Pune! Yes, with more than 100 schools and 200 colleges, Pune is called an educational city with absolute good reason
5 Four people you would like to invite for a smashing do…
Rahul Bajaj: Do we need say more?
Anahita Shroff: Every guy in the town drooling over this spicey babe! And yes, with her peaches and cream complexion, her ..er.. perfect figure, the gorgeous smile…Watch out for gate crashers!
Arun Bhatia : Ummm. Fiery, motivated and definitely a man to watch out for!
Balaji Rao : Toting bodyguards, the heir of the Venky’s Empire... Definitely a must!
6   Best newsmakers
After much deliberation, discussion and debate we agreed that one place that can make news, create views and set tongues wagging is the Osho Commune…. Always in the spotlight , so much so that not a week passes without the commune hitting the headlines…be it controversy, or good old fashioned Rajneesh. Compared to the moralistic views that the teen generation today displays, Osho commune is definitely tame.
7 The most disciplined place
Definitely, the NDA. What with crew cuts, uniforms et all! This premiere institution broke their stiff upper lip only for the Big B starring in yet another comeback film Major Saheb. Amazing what a l’ll glamour can do! Ain’t it!
8.gif (2020 bytes)Deftest Doorman
Welcoming guests deftly is the door-man at Aurora Towers, And no matter the number of times you do the up and down he will still respond with a smile!
9.gif (1879 bytes) Authentic Chinese Food
Yes, the only place that promises out of the world authentic Chinese Food is The Orient where the lip-smacking dishes and the amazing ambience makes for a delightful meal.
Twenty four hour net cafes
Yes, the only place for the Internet crazy where one can spend hours surfing and glued to the monitor. The perfect place for insomniacs- this is a place that offers it all!
 10.gif (1166 bytes)Most creepy crawly place
The snake park at Katraj. With at least 70-100 varieties of snakes crawling all over the place, it is bound to give you the shivers. Can’t better this, can we?
12 The Hotel with an identity crisis
Hotel Pride, earlier known as Pride Executive. Earlier known as Ashoka Executive is definitely looking for a new name. Any takers?

13  Beautiful Women
Puneri poris are much sought after by the sharifs and taporis the world over.


14  Even Better Men....
If you thought the women were hot, check out what the boys have got...quite a lot.


15   Picture Perfect Weather
To keep you in good cheer, almost perfect weather throughout the year!


16 Dorabjee Biryani
Mmm...guaranteed to tantalise your taste buds. Not to miss the long shopping aisles that store anything and everything you are looking for!


17.gif (624 bytes) Classes, Classes and more classes....
Being the education city, Pune offers one, the options to join the best coaching classes (at reasonable prices) which helps you prepare for all exams... Ask and you shall be answered!


18 History Lessons at every stop...
Shinde Chatri. A definite stop-over for history hungry tourists.


Balewadi Sports Complex :The ideal set-up for any sportsman to train and enhance their skills.
19.gif (1196 bytes)The Ohel David Synagogue where Daler Mahendi did his 'Ho Gayi Balle Balle' Video.

More famous for being the only Jewish place of worship in Pune, acquired a new status when the king of Bhangra sang with a whole new kind of choir.




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