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A perfect balance between a highly creative career, a marriage to a Frenchman, raising a   daughter. –Meet one of Pune’s famous artists, Sujata Bajaj Larsen. The soft-spoken Sujata Bajaj was born in Jaipur. Her parents recognized her budding talent at a young age. Her mother who was her teacher, friend and counselor taught her, "Not to take part to win, but also learn and have fun while doing so." After her high school in Jaipur, she moved in with her brother and his wife to Pune and joined the SNDT College. Her Bachelor’s and Master’s in Arts and Painting she had her first show at the Bal Gandharva Art Gallery in 1978. At that time, people were just picking up to the idea of art. She got a good response in Pune. Sujata feels very indebted to this city and is proud to be known as an artist from Pune. At one of her earlier exhibitions, Sujata met and made a friend in the renowned painter- S.H.Raza who till date continues to be her biggest ally. Mr. Raza was the one who introduced her to the idea of going to Paris to learn about the French Art World. Sujata was then awarded an invitation scholarship to France by the French Government. In Paris she enrolled at the ECOLE NATIONALE SUPERIEUR DES BEAUX - ARTS, Paris and worked at Studio Claude Viseux. She was introduced to a fascinating world, which comprised of hundreds of books, people in the art world and initially helped her find expression.


Her years in Paris have been an on-going learning process. About her spate of exhibitions in Europe, Sujata being the self – effacing and unassuming person she is, says with a quiet smile that it was well received. It is rather a gross under-statement going by the accolades that she received there and by the numerous admirers of her work over the years - one of them being Monsieur Jeane Claude Carriere who continues to take a keen interest in her work. Having soaked in life in its entire splendor, Sujata couldn’t be more pleased with it. She is very fortunate to have her parents’ support and love. Her marriage to Rune Jul Larsen, an educationist and a linguist is based on total commitment, deep respect for each other and a healthy breathing space. He understands her through her work and vice-versa. Sujata’s greatest creation is Helena, her precious little daughter. Sujata has no intentions of foisting her decisions on her daughter and would rather that Helena follow her own destiny. About the art scene in India, Sujata is rather hesitant to comment. But believes that there are good contemporary artists here in India.Sujata is a strong advocate of living in the present. And from the looks of it, her present is a perfect harmony of colours, which can best be described as a journey with a vision.

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