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 Back Byte 

‘Undo’ unto us as you ‘Undo’ unto computers

    1. Five minutes ago you were traveling to office at 80 kmph in your brand new car. 
         Now you are traveling to hospital at double the speed in an ambulance You wish   
         that there was an ‘Undo’ in life.
    2. You are late for an interview, and your car keys are missing.
         You wish that there was a ‘Find’ tool in life.
    3. One day you realise you are bald.
         You wish that there was a ‘cut and paste’ in life.
    4. The bus is so crowded and you cannot get anywhere near that nice girl at the other 
         end. You wish that there was a ‘zoom and view full screen’ in life.
    5.  After your marriage you realise that both of you are mismatched.
         You wish that there could have been a sample download or a demo version.


Ever been to
This long name belongs to a small village in Great Britain  and has the distinction of being the longest URL on the net.


Pass through the GATES TO FREEDOM

The philanthrophic side of Bill Gates has been much in the news lately. He has donated billions of dollars to number of worthy causes. But his recent donation of 20 million dollars to assachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) might lead to some embarrassing moments.
MIT plans to use these funds to build a new laboratory for Computer Science. The new building will replace the current laboratory and be named after Bill Gates. So far, so good.
But the problem is that the followers of Free Software Foundation were longed housed at MIT’s Laboratory for Computer Science where   free software guru still has a office.
Unless it moves out, we could have a Gates Housed Free Software Foundation.
What next, an MS-sponsered Linux World?


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