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The keyboard has the answer

Thanks to the way in which Windows has been designed, you can use the keyboard for every operation you use the mouse for. And in some case, it is faster to use the keyboard than drag the mouse around.

operation Keys operation Keys
Close applications [Alt]+[F4] View item properties [Alt]+[Enter]
Close client or child windows [Ctrl]+[F4] Move between items on Desktop Arrow Keys
Get Help [F1]

Move between programs on title bar

Open Start menu Windows Key or Ctrl]+[Esc] Bypass AutoPlay CD Press[Shift]while putting CD in tray
Cycle Open Applications [Alt]+[Tab] Maximise Window [Alt]+[Spacebar],X
Select menu bar [F10]/[Alt] Minimise Window [Alt]+[Spacebar],N
Move through menu items cursor keys Restore Window [Alt]+[Spacebar],R
Select menu item [Alt]+ underlined letter

Close Window

Open Application control menu [Alt]+ spacebar Close Client Window [Alt]+-,C
Switch to Previous documents [Ctrl]+[F6] Maximise Client Window [Alt]+-,W
Delete an item into recycle bin [Del]

Minimise client Window


Copy an item to clipboard

[Ctrl]+C Restore Client Window [Alt]+-,R
Paste form clipboard [ctrl]+V Select all [Ctrl]+A
Delete item permanently [Shift]+[Del] Undo last delete [Ctrl]+Z
Move to next field in dialog box [Tab] Bypass startup programs [Shift]
Drop down list box [ F4] Bypass startup system files [F5]
Refresh [ F5] Start in Safe mode [F5]
Find file or folder [F3] Step through Startup files [F8]

In love with the mouse

The mouse has been the Apple Macintosh's claim to fame. With Windows 95, the mouse has the answer to many a task. Roll it up and roll it down, click a couple of times and the task gets done. Of course, the secret in getting a lot of work done, lies in knowing where to find what. And these tips will tell you just that.

operation action operation action
Move one level above

Up icon on toolbar

Network Properties menu Right click on Network neighbourhood
Close all [Shift]+close button Customise Desktop Right click Desktop, Arrange icons
Close window Close Button Short icons Right-click Desktop, Arrange icons
Maximise window Maximise button Copy item [Ctrl]+drag item
Minimise Window Minimise button Move item [Shift]+drag item
Restore Window Restore button Delete item Drag to Recycle Bin
Item short cut menu Right click on item Clear Recycle Bin Right-click Recycle bin, Empty Recycle Bin
System Properties menu Right click on my computer Taskbar Properties Right-click Taskbar, Properties
Date/Time change Double-click Time on Taskbar Auto Arrange Icons Right-click Desktop>Arrange>AutoArrange
Cutomising Windows
Now that you can move way around the screen and around Windows pretty fast, there are some other things you need to bear in mind to make Windows really scream. What follows are suggestions to make Windows a little easier to navigate and get around. You might find some of the tips familiar. And then, there will also be others, which are so simple that you will wonder why you did not use them before


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