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Mercedes Benz International School.

The Mercedes Benz International school was started with the aim of bringing to students English medium international education it has achieved this objective quite successfully, thus fulfilling the strong desire of Pune business community.

Situated in Pimpri the school is based in Telco senior officers society where 2 bungalaws are occupied. It is a quiet well kept residential area landscaped with garden and green spaces. The premises includes a sience unit, several computers, a music room, library as well as a printing center and a swimming pool. One of the features of MBIS is the diversity in backgrounds of students and teacher’s however they work well together and are almost like an extented family.

Thier approach to education is completely different from the usual received by students in the city. It is an international holistic, child centered approach that teaches the child to think and emliashes his or her creativity. Their high academic standards are enforced through the challenging curricula for the primary and middle school at the end of 10th grade student take the IGCSC, a universally recognized examination provided by the university of Cambridge what might shock Puneites is the student teacher ratio of MBIS lower than 3:1! Talk about personal attention.

The primary year programme aims for students who are risk takers, reflective well balanced, inquirers, communicators, knoledgeable, principled open minded caring and thinkers by using child centered stategies.In the middle year programme students eight traditional subjects namely the 2 language humanities, technology mathematics, science, arts and physical education. The interrelated aspects of these are emphasised with inter-disciplinary projects.

Cultural awareness, physical activity and Fitness, environmental sensitivity are just some of the co-curricular activities which are encouraged inorder to develop the personality music lessons and sports are taught by experts, be it criket, swimming, piano or guitar.At MBIS learning is truly an exiting and fun-filled experience that allows a child to grow and bloom in his or her own way and ample proof of it can be heard from the words of the children them selves.

Simon ( grade 6 )  : One highlight was the swimming competition because we met other people and could stay overnight at their house, so we could have fun without getting into any trouble.

Gina ( grade 7 ) : The best highlight of all was joining this school because of the wonderful people i've met all through the year. I've enjoyed all year through because it was fun and we di quite well.

Andrea ( grade 6 ) : There were many highlights in this year one of them was going to the 'Natures Trails' because i always wanted to be a girl - scout and this was very similar to it.

Anthony ( grade 7 ) : One of my highlights was going to the Mother Teresa Orphange. I also enjoyed natures trails it was fun. But the best was coming to this school!

Radhika ( grade 5  ) : I like to go horse riding as  I love horses and enjoy learning about them and riding. But overall I enjoyed the whole year.

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