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Dr. George Judah - sitting behind his massive desk wearing a Bugs Bunny tie seems such a comforting father figure that it comes as no surprise that ther eis already a student waiting outside for his counselling session as the interview is taking place.

Talking about his origins, Dr. Judah reminisces about the 3 and a 1/2 acre estate, 28 room bungalow in Jabalpur- where his joint family of 84 including 54 children "4 cricket teams and 10 extras " as he puts it resided a typical orthodox Jewish family. After his 12th he joined the airforce as a pilot where he went on to fight both the wars and also crashed and got lost but obviously survived to become an insrtuctor in NDA from 80-83. While in Pune he finished his post graduation and then went on to do his PhD. In 83 he became visiting faculty to various institutes. "Even as a student I would fill up for absent teacher having had experience of a squadron leader. Even today I do believe that the average faculty at NDA is by far more superior than any civilian faculty."

It was a chance meeting with Sadhu Vaswani, which he met in his full Air Force regalia, that changed his life. "He told me to start piloting people instead of machines- and I knew that wasit. He said what I had been feeling but had not been able to articulate all along but felt all the same."

Now he concentrates on being a student's best friend and looking at his record he seemed to be have more than suceeded. Having councelled more than 9,800 students, he still feels the need to do so much more.
And that is not all. He has been counselling couples numbering around 650 … and all this for free.

"I think that it is 'miscommunication' and 'ingratitude' that remain the most important obstacles in every relationship. The basic difference in individuals lies in the brain. There are the left brain and the right brain people. The left brain people are aggressive, mathematical, precise- quantatative while the right brained people are laid back, creative, imaginative, passive- qualatative. Although being opposites like black and white or yin and yang they complement each other and attract each other- what is important for each to understand is their different needs, strengths and weaknesses. Failure to achieve this equation often gets interpreted as incompatibility where each partner is trying to change the other into one of his own kind and fails."
" He talks about his students and the various enmotional handicaps they face. He recounts the incident of this student committing suicide because he couln't stand the way his family would keep comparinghim to his brother. In reality, his parents were nice supportive people who had failed to recognize their son's need for physical expression of affection. As I sat holding his hand while he was on his deathbed he said to me that had he got as much love that he was getting from me in the last 17 minutes of his life, he would have never taken those tablets. As parents we must recognise the kind of love our children need and where we are lacking."
Of his own personal life, he talks fondly about wife Irene who is a professor of physiology at the AFMC. Talking proudly about his son, an engineer and MBA currently working with Coke, he informs you enthusiastically about his son's marriage in December and how he's almost nervous about it! To unwind after his hectic schedule he reads 8 - 10 books a week, listens to old Hindi songs and meditates and works out twice a day. He likes quiet holidays which he can spend alone in retrospection and peace. He is also the President of the Synagogue and keps busy with a htic social schedule. He's also looking forward to writing a book.

We sure hope that would be soon enough for we could really do with some "Judah soup for the soul".

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