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first day in college

         Ever since we were twelve, we yearned for school to get over and college to begin. I was tired of the same old teachers, the same strict uniforms and white socks and white shoes. If my shoes were not polished or just one hair out of my pigtail I was treated as though I had killed someone. I wanted to be let out I wanted to go to college-perfect college.

         My seniors described it to be a place where I could eat out, meet new people, plan parties, socialize and maybe- just maybe, attend a lecture or two.

       The first day of college to me and almost everyone else is a very exciting (to put it mildly) event. After nervously awaited results and long tiring admission queues, the great day finally arrives.

       After I spent hours on what to wear, whom to enter with, the gates of college finally open. To lead into a different world…The real world! I had attended an all girls' school all my life so to be interacting with boys was the main difference that I found Both of us were thinking the same thing, 'How should we walk….. And talk Even though we both had butterflies in our stomach, we put up a brave front as though we had been doing this for years. We noticed that the boys were no different from us. After thinking and thinking all they could come up with is,"Excuse me, uh um actually I wanted to know in which section, I mean subjects, I mean class are you are in, but if you don’t want to tell me its ok!" Confident? ………I don’t think so!.I decided that I would take college seriously and attend every lecture and try never to bunk. Unfortunately I changed my mind the very second day. The first lecture began the only one that had full attendance. I tried to pay attention but every two minutes my friend kept telling me whom she found cute. Needless to say the boys and girls don’t sit together. At two different ends of the classroom whispers, sniggering and throwing of chits is what happens. A cute guy winked at me-and made my day. The eagerly awaited bell rings and everyone rushes out making wise cracks about the bald professor.

       And was I nervous! The previous night I had spent hours talking with my friends each one of us deciding what to wear. No one wanted to look different or out of place. We discussed every single detail upto what colored rubber bands and socks we would be wearing. Still in the morning I got up in a panic thinking ' Oh no! I never thought about what I should wear'. After trying 3 different pairs of jeans and 17 T-shirts I thought that I had made my mind up.Then another serious problem occurred-those darn shoes didn’t match. Finally I left home and met one of my friends.

Of course, on the first day of college all the favorite eating joints are packed. The deciding factor- low prices. Like everyone I had to handle a tight budget which covers only for our bare necessities - Clothes, food, fuel and to some cigarettes. Of course smoking is a hobby that begins then on that very first day of college where everyone tries to be'oh-so cool' and then carries on and on………

          At the end of the day I returned home disappointed with the teachers and crowd but at the same time excited and happy thinking about the cute guy who had winked at me in my Maths class! Way to go!

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