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The ABC of learning a new language

To survive in the rat race and to get to the top one of the ways of staying in the competition is by knowing an extra foreign language. Knowing English of course is a must and if you still think that the plural of mouse is mouses, it is suggested that you drop the idea of a new language immediately. 

After deciding to go into learning a new language you have to know which is the language for you. Which particular language interests you and why? It is usually easier when you know that you have business pending or you have to travel abroad. People in all countries feel extremely happy when they see an outsider making an attempt to speak in their language just as we would if a German came up with a warmí Namasteí . Having a flair for languages is essential. To some it may take days to memorize a simple hello in a foreign language. It is indeed complicated, and total and utter concentration is needed while learning something new. The choices are large when you have to decide which language to get yourself into. Of course, the most popular are French and German but now with the rising scope of Japanese and Spanish more people are opting for these languages. The popularity of Portuguese and Russian courses is also on the rise. The easiest way to learn is to travel. With as little as a month in France you will come out with fluent French or from Spain as a Spanish Supergirl/boy. Since it is difficult to survive on Sign language and actions, the easiest and most convenient way to survive is by learning the language.

Tips for learning a new language

1 ) Think in that language. It will save you a lot of translation inside your mind.

2 ) Read childrenís storybooks in that language. It will amuse you as well as improve your reading ability.

3 ) Make your dictionary your best friend

4 ) Donít compare the language with English. It will only confuse you more

5 ) Remember that in almost every language apart from English everything is either masculine or feminine. Mixing them both up is hilarious and often very embarrassing

6 ) A simple way to get it into your head is to stick little chits in your room on objects with the word written in that language.

7 ) Donít give up. Itís frustrating but very rewarding.

The known institutes here in Pune which give you courses are Max Mueller (#624945 )for German, Alliance Frances for French(#5657848) and the Ranade Institute (#5654256) for Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese and Russian.


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