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Some people call it a way of life while others call it a very expensive pass time created by the rich and famous to amuse themselves. Whatever may be your opinion, the fact remains fashion is setting a trend-a trend which is fast becoming popular in India too.

Feeding the ever-growing industry with highly qualified professionals is Asia's premier Fashion institute, National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT). Established in 1986, it is an undertaking by the Ministry of Textiles in the cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Banglore, Gandhinagar, Calcutta and Hyderabad. NIFT also has set up collaboration with F.I.T, New York. An exchange of fashion ideas, technology, innovations, etc has been set up with Nottingham University for Human Resource Development. A result of 100% placements in some cities proves it sure has come a long way in just on its 13th birthday. The fact that Nottingham University, which earlier used to send its faculty down to the Institutes, is now having an exchange with the same institute's faculty is ample evidence of the success of the institute.

The college calls itself the 'college of design, management and technology'. They promise to teach you how to manage your time better. Their aim is to create an awareness of the career opportunities in the fashion world along with producing professionals of the highest quality.

N.I.F.T came down, on the 8th of December for the first purpose listed above. They were at Jagannath Rathi Vocational Training Institute for a mix of a press conference and recruitment drive, which was less advertised but all the same was received with enthusiasm… (Information dissemination is the way the N.I.F.T faculty would like to perceive it).

The course at N.I.F.T lasts 6 semesters, each of 6 months. At the end of the course one gets a graduation degree which is necessary if the person wants continue his/her education to post graduation in fashion related studies. All the courses are not offered in every institution. There is a distribution according to the needs of the local industry. Hostel accommodation is provided in some institutes. Every student gets a Personal Computer and the latest in fashion technology is made available to the students.

The entrance exam depends upon the field chosen by the interested candidate. The exam is being held on 12th and 13th of Feb. The last date for the submission of the form is 7th Feb. The course fee’s are Rs.14, 000 in some cities to Rs.13,000 in some. 10,000 people appear for the exams so if by chance you do not make it all is not lost. N.I.F.T also offers part time courses, for working people in the evening to keep them upto date with the latest happenings in the fashion industry. Students are allowed to join these classes. The exam consists of 3 tests—Creative Ability Test, General Ability Test and Interview.

Well, so for all those who think that they are ready to make it big in in the big bad world of fashion, here’s your opportunity!

 NIFT’s address is: For those who want to pursue fashion designing in Pune,

Here’s a list of the following institutesSchool of Fashion Technology (SOFT)
C/o Banuben Nanavati College
Karve Road, Pune-52
# 5467210

Jagannath Rathi Vocational Guidance Training Institute-Ms Taparia
Fergusson College Campus
# 5652682

Career Forum – Ramesh Mehta
Clover Centre,
# 633019

Fergusson College Road #5531328,
Aurora Towers# 638852
Parmar Chambers #629204


Oracle Institute of Fashion Designing


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