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The United World College (UWC) is 160 acres of vast open space, overlooking the bend of the River Mula, flanked by the checkered greens of paddy fields. Something that's considered a luxury by students of other college in the city. It is dotted with natural stone walls covered with red tile roofs an architectural delight. The headmaster, Dr. Wilkinson says, "The UWC is a network of colleges which is striving to bring the students of the world together." He opines that the industrial houses have woken up to the fact that they must take active part in the field of education, if they hope to have an educated and competent workforce. The Mahindra's have, with their huge financial help, been a backbone to the UWC.
The Mahindara UWC campus is in a class of its own. The buildings have a traditional, yet contemporary touch to it because of the air that is allowed to flow freely through the buildings. They don't even need an air-conditioner. The design of the main block is a traditional teaching space in the open as well as indoors. The college curriculum is designed with the objective of developing well-rounded personalities. Hence it includes social work with the local sports and cultural activities. The syllabi of the college is internationally recognised. The international Baccalaureate diploma is equal to the 11th and 12th standard. This makes it possible for students to get admission to any University, anywhere in the world.
Meeting the students made one thing clear- they were the best from all over the world. All of them are on full or part scholarships, sponsored by their respective countries, purely on the basis of merit. The students live on campus in a community of their own. They are away from the college buildings, where they live and mingle with a variety of different cultures. This kind of living makes them independent and responsible. They enjoyed the food served to them though it is simple. The students take six subjects, of which a science, math's, a language and the mother tongue is compulsory. The course is demanding and hardwork is put in by students and teachers alike. Queen Noor of Jordan, made a visit, which was talked about by all students. They found her very down-to-earth and amazingly elegant. Her ability to put everyone at ease impressed them all. Besides with the friendly headmaster and his wife Mr. & Mrs. Wilkinson who make all these students feel at home!
The Mahindra United World College though still under completion is well on its way to provide this world with students, who are hardworking, critical and compassionate thinkers and informal participants in local and world affairs. In a nutshell, they mould ideal world citizens.



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