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Caliche… The trio who visited the city talk about the music they make! 

The latest group to hit the Indi pop scene is the Caliche. Candy, Liesl and Cheryl, the trio who form the group are one of the few girl bands to hit this spot. On course of their 14 city promotional tour, they were in Pune on the 8th, 9th and 10th of December, the fourth city after Coimbatore, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

Performing in the premises of Suman Motels, Hadapsar, the Caliche group was an hour behind the scheduled time. Performances from local dance groups `Infinity' and `Vibrations ' preceded them on numbers like "Windows '98", "we like to party", "choli ke peeche" and a few others. Caliche opened with "aa kareeb aa" one of their numbers of which they had given a small demo during the press conference. A small crowd of enthusiastic people, who preferred to shake the cold off instead of warming their chairs, danced in front of the stage.

They sang hits like " Aap jaisa koi ", " Yeh mera dil " and others from their album. `Additappa', their title song, was their last song. The "Once More" shouts fell to deaf ears as the crowd by then had already started rolling out.

image.jpg (4328 bytes)

Formed 7 years ago on the 12th of November, these three long time friends from Mumbai got together that day and decided to seriously pursue their common love for music.

Inspired by groups like `En Vogue’, " Earth Wind and fire " and the hip-hop 80's music, they performed for corporate shows and other shows before they got with Wizcraft sometime back. Recollecting nostalgically they say, "We had done a show for the Times of India and had got a snap in the paper. That's when Wizcraft approached us and through them, we opened for shows of international stars like Diana King, UB40 and Whigfield in India."

`Additappa' which basically means foot tapping in Punjabi was the song which they took as a demo to Virgin Records and then cut an album of the same name with them. With the amount of artists in the pop scene today, breakthrough and success should not be very easy to them. In agreement they say " we place ourselves a bit different from others. We can credit this to our being a girl band, three voices and the usage of harmonies in our songs. With three of us singing the same song but with different pitches the effect is very nice and different. Accpella, a kind of European music in which there is no usage of instruments and only voices perform, is what we sometime plan to do. Fortunately Raju Singh, the music director understood our ideas and us and it made things very good."

When asked about the roots of their love for music, Candy and Leisl state in chorus "music is in our blood. Our mothers are professional singers and very good friends as well." While Cheryl adds "I always knew this is where I want to be and my parents were very encouraging and supportive." While they do disagree on a lot of things, "which is very natural, but at the same time we take disagreements as opinions and a different way of looking at things." Confidence personified and talent evident, Caliche does seem to be a promising group, but only time can tell of how far they would reach.




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