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Our artist of the month, for this month folks is not only a singer and a musician but also a person who devotes a lot of his time for charity work. He is the one and only---STING.

Sting was born Gordon Matthew Summer in Northumberland on October 2, 1951. While still a member of The Phoenix Jazzmen, Sting came one day to a rehearsal dressed in a striped soccer sweater. Trombone player, Gordon Solomon remarked that Sting looked like a bee. ' Stinger' eventually became Sting.

Sting started off as a schoolteacher at St. Paul's Roman Catholic First School in Cramlington in England.. He taught English and was also the football coach. But there was no escaping the music. Sting plays guitar, bass guitar, the mandolin, piano, harmonica, the saxophone and the pan flute. But he obviously has a soft spot for bass (his bass is called Brian!) His musical career began with his involvement in a series of jazz bands, The Ronnie Pierson Trio, Earthrise, the Phoenix Jazz Band, the river City Jazz band, the Newcastle Big Band, and Last Exit. Soon after that, he was invited by Stewart Copeland to join the Police.

In recognition of his extensive contribution to music, Sting has already received an honorary Doctorate of Music from Northumbria University in 1992. In 1994 he was conferred with an honorary degree from Berkeley College of Music.

What you probably don't know is that Sting has an action-packed millenium-end lined up. His next album is planned for release in 1999. Later this year a new book featuring the lyrics of Sting and the art of Pablo Picasso will be published. Sting is also involved with a group Das. He sings mountain Hare Krishna and plays bass on the ring song for Das' upcoming album, "Pilgrim Heart." Later this year all Sting albums will be digitally re-mastered with one music video each. These include "If you love somebody set them free, All this time, Englishman in NewYork."

Sting has visited India several times to perform in public and to travel incognito. His is a passion that has touched us all. We are honored to share in his vision and in the spirituality of his music. Like he says' "Music. It's healed my life in so many ways. Truly, I've been healed, in a sort of religious way, by the spirit f music." Touch me and thank you very very much.

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