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Very fond of music, all kinds of music, Jiten is one of Pune’s well known DJ’s. A ‘pakka Puneite’, Jiten has grown up learning the tastes in music of Puneites, knowing what the people want and what will make them have a good time. Currently studying for his degree in Commerce, we met up with this fun guy who makes a great DJ and has the city dancing to his tunes!

When one thinks of DJ’s one thinks of late nights, a lot of parties, wild crowds and basically a lot of fun. And to top all of that, getting paid for it. WOW! But there’s more to Djing than meets the eye. Like any other job, work is work. How much ever you may like it, its still work that involves responsibilities and duties. Just like Jiten states, after a long party, however good it may have been he is still very stressed out. “It’s partying, like my mom would insist, but for me, loads of work!” His costs he says are relative. “It depends entirely on the situation and the number of people!” Currently thinking of sourcing his equipment from Singapore, this young master of music kicks up no fuss from what kind of music he sources! “I would buy anything that I thought was worth it... even if one person at a party I played, liked it!”

While he does confess that being a DJ has its share of highs, it involves a lot of changes and one has to be able to compromise. Like having to play music, which he disagrees with completely and does not like at all! Partial to club music himself, he does admit that it is a very profitable business in itself! “What makes a good DJ is the seriousness and the commitment that one adds on to it! One has to be on time, keep schedules and maintain relations!” At the moment he is not playing at any fixed place, but does a large number of private parties, shows, sangeets, et al!

Not only is Jiten Djing, but he is also working with his Dad. Knowing that DJing can never be a full time job, Jiten plans to eventually be in the family business. He spends most of his time DJing now though he knows that further on down the line, if he wants to be successful, if he wants to live a comfortable life throughout, he cannot be a DJ. After all who is going to hire a 40 year old bald DJ!

He describes himself as being a complete extrovert, who loves socializing, though he is not very patient and a bit short- tempered but then, NOBODY’S PERFECT! Emotional and attached to his family and friends though mind you, commitment to his work would always come first. He believes that Pune is a small city, where everyone knows everyone and all want to be ‘in’. Not at all conservative, and most of Pune’s youth is into partying, dancing and therefore DJ’s have quite a wide scope here in little Pune.

To be a good DJ, he thinks that it is essential to be able to read the minds of the people who are there. For him, the music makes the party as he does not smoke or drink and believes that to be able to keep everyone happy, and on the floor is something only a good DJ can do! Even though sometimes, he may feel he is missing out on a bit of fun, while he is in the DJ box, DJing and seeing people having a good time gives him a feeling of utmost satisfaction, - a feeling that cannot be derived from any other source. When we quiz him whether he would play at a party where the music was bad, the suave DJ replies, “Only if it was a friend’s do!"

Well, what can we say, but that we hope he keeps hitting the right notes!

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