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Join the Joyride
To add a little spice to your life and a little bit of adventure we at have decided to tell you where exactly in Pune you could get a head start for some real excitement!
Each one of us at some point of time has seen a picture of someone in the air and wondered what it must be like to stare at the world from a totally different angle.
Believe it or not, that’s exactly what you can do in Pune.

United India Paragliding is a center in Pune where you can learn how to paraglide. There are different sessions, classes and training where you are taught step by step and you finally climb up right into the sky. Paragliding involves a parachute designed to glide smoothly in the air. The prices differ according to the batch and range between Rs 2000-3000/- depending on the duration of the course. For more details contact-# 6992021.

For gliding, there is the Pune Gliding Center located at Hadapsar.It differs from paragliding in the sense that it is in an actual glider, which is an airplane without an engine. A government organized center, which charges Rs 100/- per launch. The only requirements are that you be older than 16 and you’ve got yourself soaring in the air. Contact #6992048

For people who prefer to have their feet stuck to the ground we have various trekking camps and trails organized . Treks which can be one day long or upto two weeks you have it all .For the basic treks you can contact # 638660 or 631182. Other options include Chatravati Shivaji where you can call at # 622215. Also providing slightly more advanced treks are Ratamatac at #4478497 and Yuva Shakti at # 4456696. Each trek differs in duration, location and of course the most important factor- the price. Most of the treks include rock climbing and rappelling. Ranging from Rs 100/- for one-day treks to 2500/- for longer trips you have a large choice.

In case of this fascination for heights you can contact Poona Mountaineers at #681122. For exciting, difficult and challenging treks the person to be contacted is Dilip Bam who has been trekking in Pune since the last 12 years and knows every inch of the surface. He can be contacted on #5671790.

On the topic of adventure sports, a person who definitely cannot be forgotten is Col.Mundkur. From sailing, kayaking and paragliding, he’s done it all. He conducts courses in paragliding for Rs 6500/-, a sailing course for Rs 3000/-, and kayaking for Rs 2000/-. Also if you’re looking just for kicks and not for anything really serious he can take you for a long joy ride up in his microlite. For further details he can be contacted on #5282928 or emailed at

Now that we’ve covered land and air all we have left is water. Learn boating at National Education Foundation, which teaches you to row that, is extremely entertaining as well as excellent exercise. Another sport, which would be useful considering that the earth is water, is swimming. A necessity it could help to save your life - literally. There at plenty of places where you could learn how to swim especially at any of the clubs (Poona Club # 840083, Boat Club #603515 or Residency Club #842868 ) For swimming it is never too early or too late to start.

So what are you waiting for…adventure is at your doorstep.


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