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Ever wondered what it's like to watch the most important man in your life hurtle himself into the path of death walk away unscathed……Only so that he can get to keep yet another date with death!

The King of Motocross, Shyam Kothari is a man who has always lived life speeding on the dirt tracks, till his feet could not touch the ground anymore. Tanaz Kothari, his beautiful wife, the efficient manager at the Bombay Store talks  about her marriage.  Like everything in her life, love too struck its cupid's arrow for Shyam and her on the race track itself on the Nehru Stadium in Pune. "He was certainly good, but not as famous as he is today. So, in no way was I in awe of him. I fell in love with Shyam Kothari, the man and not the racer."Tanaz never thought that she would marry someone who was a non-Zorastrian, she narrates, " I never thought that Shyam was marriage material to begin with. I still don't think he is ! ' But she remained  pragmatic about her man's obsession, " A motocrosser's wife has to live her own private hell. I felt the same amount of fear every time Shyam left town for the races." Shyam kept telling me, `Look, Tanaz, its all safe. Believe it or not, but I am the best racer in the country !'' But she could watch a race without working herself into a state of frenzy.

Tanaz understood how important racing is for Shyam.  "I would cease to exist for Shyam then. And I respected  that distance he needs. Whether it is going out of town a few days earlier for a big race or when in Pune - he wanted to be left alone. I was eased very gradually into his pattern of behavior. Living the first few months separately in different cities, we both lived the lives of married bachelors ! So when I began staying home for longer spells I learnt how to deal with the whole ball game before a race !" So the strong lady gave her man all the space he needed. Though the biker tried to gradually tried to ease himself from Motocross, his passion for his sport  still remains  undiminished. And Tanaz remains extremely proud of her husband who is probably the only person in the world to hold the three consecutive titles of the National Champion in the same year ! An unheard of feat given the fact that all three fields are highly specialized that very few people try their hand at all three and succeed ! "He has always been into road racing, Motocross and rallying…….. All the three aspects of the motor cycle racing simultaneously." And now that he is into organising sports rallies and giving back all that he has got from the game, it brings a new insight into the man!

The perils in this game obviously scare her but Shyam enjoys it immensely. She recalls one incident which really shook her up, " When I watched the best of the best in Motocross, Wayne Rainey sprain his neck and be paralyzed, a shiver ran down my spine thinking that this could be Shyam ! Shyam has fallen many time. Once he had fallen off a cliff and his bike had got struck in a overhanging tree but with the help of some villagers, they some how hauled both of them. I might sound over confident but I think Shyam always knew what he was doing. He was not a wet-behind-the-ears-racer, he's studied it as an art !"

That the lady has the courage not only to give up her husband to this scary sport but also finds the strength within her able to allow her son if he desires is a point in case.  Ameya is showing signs of following his father's footsteps -- and Shyam's thrilled about it !He would keep making those revving noises as he speeds around the house on his imaginary bike."

It's obvious when we ask her to define her marriage for us, Tanaz 's reply tugs at our heartstrings as she warmly says, " I 've never needed to define it to myself. But it is having a physical presence next to you, enjoying the love that makes me and my life complete !"


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