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The city is partying all night like its gone out of style. Whether it is a romantic five course meal or just swinging on the floor or just snuggling in the blanket, here’s a lowdown, on how much it could cost you to be entertained....



Movies are back and with style. If you know what's playing, you are very obviously really with it. Imagine a Monday morning at work with Godzilla, Taal for coffee break conversation. Averages show that most people keep their Sunday nights free for the movies. The rest of the week, however, your LD player must suffice.




  ITEM                                                        PRICE

Tickets for an English movies (of course if you want to sit in the dress circle and generally not belong, then you have to shell out Rs 100 per ticket.)  

Rs 35upward.

Ticket for a Hindi movie

Rs 30 upward.

Popcorn and ice cream.

Rs 5 and Rs 15 respectively

Rent for a video cassettes

Rs 30.

Rent for a VCD

Rs 50

Rent for a LD

Rs 100.

Cost of an LD

Rs 1,000 upwards

Cost of an VCD

Rs 500 upwards

Sub total for every movie buff's paradise Rs 1,600




For the original bookworm reincarnate, the new trend of books shops and cafes beckons. Crossword, Pune started with a pantry, and people walk around the store with their cups of coffee. Not to miss bookshops like Word which offer books, that you need in a jiffy at your doorstep and also have them couriered across the country. An increasing numbers of new bookshops are coming up near shopping centers and coffee shop. 


The average person's reading habits show that we spend a substantial amount on books, magazines and coffee when we visit a bookshop. Once again, the library has made a comeback as a definite stopover on a weekly basis. Membership fees are around Rs 300 after which you are set for free flights of imagination … well almost.


ITEM                                                                      PRICE

Average monthly estimates

One paperback a month

Rs 250

One hardback a month

Rs 400

Two magazines a month

Rs 50-80

Four coffees between two visits


Membership fees at almost any library ( Some libraries like the BCL charge Rs 300 per year but don't charge rent the whole year round .)

Rs 300

Rent for at least four books a month

Rs 150

Rent four magazines per month 

Rs 20 

Sub total for your reading pleasures only                   Rs 1,135-1,180




Someone said the best things, put  in a pizza are our teeth. One of the most often accessed outings,

is grabbing a quick bite at the nearest fast food hangs out. It's quick, it's easy and most importantly

irrespective of what you are wearing. On an average, people frequent one or more of places like

Pizza Hut or Dominoes or Smokin Joe's or even Gobbles at least four to five times a month by most

 people. We are eating out like there is a cooking Gas crisis in our homes.



Pizza at Smokin’ Joe's (Regular)

Rs. 100

Pizza at Dominoes for a regular

Rs. 150

Burgers at Gobbles    

Rs 50-80

Sandwiches at Marzorin    

Rs. 12.

Cold Coffee

Rs. 12

Sub total for your eating pleasures only                   Rs 350-400




When the city gets too much for you head to the nearest resort in your vicinity. Whether it is Nainital, Corbett National Park, Periyar, Pondicherry or just Khandala. 'Aati kya?' will always evoke an affirmative answer. People are also increasingly taking weeklong trips to the Far East and the Middle East, just for a change of scene. Dubai has been visited in the last two to three years than ever before, especially during their shopping festival.


Bali and phuket are synonymous with Goa and Alibaug these days, So what are you waiting for? Go on, get packing!


ITEM                                                                    PRICE       


Rs 10,000 per night

Return ticket to Bali  

Approx. Rs 30,000


Rs 6,745 (three night and four days)

Return ticket to Goa

Rs 4,000


Rs 19,890 (one week)

Return ticket to Cochin

Rs 9,165 

Nainital and Corbett

Rs 12,390 (one week)

Return ticket to new Delhi 

Rs 9,235


Sub total average just for two of you                     Rs 9,235


The coffee shop culture is not just for the chi -chi crowd anymore. Walk into the nearest coffee shop at any five star hotel and everybody will be there, from media to sports media to sports people, actresses, tired shopaholics and college students. The coffee shop is now within most budgets. People hang out, after partying at the pub or after work for a quick fix, and the coffee shop is simply the best place to do it. The Blue Diamond coffee shop or the Holiday Inn’s spacious lounge is always full no matter what the time.  Not to miss the warm and friendly atmosphere at the Le Meridian’s tea lounge! The main attraction at the coffee shop is the ambience, pampering, the impeccable service and the built-in politeness.


ITEM                                                                    PRICE       


Rs. 70

Irish coffee

Rs 400

Filter Coffee  

Rs 45

Cold coffee with ice-cream

Rs 110  

Iced Tea

Rs 60

Ham and cheese grilled sandwich      

Rs 160

Espresso (Double)

Rs 70

Sub total for a piping hot evening for two people
(Exclusive of all taxes)                                Rs 500-Rs.800

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