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Ah! Now that’s what mine are made of. If it’s exclusive clubs that you want to go to, you have to get a membership for anywhere between Rs 11,000 per year, for places like the erstwhile Totempole at the Holiday Inn, to all the way upto Rs 35,000 for a place like Club Polaris at the Blue Diamond. But if club membership is not a social must-have for you, then you can go to a nice place like Ten Downing Street, and drink yourself merry. But with theme nights like Coke Time or even a ladies night out, people have been known to set themselves back by quiet a bit.

ITEM                                                                   PRICE       

Cocktails like Gimlet,


Bloody Mary, Pina Colada

Rs 180

Cocktails like Margarita,


Daiquiri, B-52,


Long Island iced teas   

Rs 200

Tequila shots (Depending on Indian or international brand)

Rs 125- 250

Peanuts and wafers


Sub total for a rol’hick’ing time                  Rs 500-600  


Whether it’s candle lit or not, a good meal at a great restaurant always does that special something for the mind and spirit. We Indians take more interest in our food than we do in few other things. As a rule, we do in few other things.As rule, we don’t eat to live, we live to eat. Mexican and Thai food are the new chartbusters on the favourite cuisine lists across the country, and meeting that need are many speciality restaurants.

Whether it’s La Pizzeria or Sala Thai famous for it’s Thai food, there’s one for everyone!


ITEM                                                                       PRICE

Complete five course Mexican meal

Approx. Rs 200 per head

The very best in authentic Chinese cuisine

Approx. Rs 350 per head

Thai meal  

Approx. Rs 200 per head

Just kebabs for a whole meal

Rs 300 per head

Coastal cuisine

Rs 300 per head


Buying CD players, LD players, VCD players, LDs, and 34" TVs etc are no longer luxury. It helps a great deal especially when people entertain at home. Since music is an integral part of a good party, you have got to have it. And you have got to have it first' is the motto of the yuppie generation. Music sounds great on a CD player with digital programming. The customary two-in-one, a must for all trips, picnics and outing by road, is of course a giving today. 

There is the car stereo, the compact sized CD player for the bedroom and the largish there CD changer with Karaoke for the drawing room. The entertainment unit boasts of a LD compatible TV with the works and the larger the library of your LDs, VCDs and CDs, the better, you'd say

 ITEM                                                                        PRICE


Rs 650 upwards


Rs 3000 upwards


Rs 5,000 upwards

CD player

Rs 7,500 upwards

Three CD player with Karaoke 

Rs 11,000 upwards

34" TV with surround sound

Rs 50,000 upwards

Sub total to set yourself up for time of your life   Rs 1,42,150



If you are at that level of sophisticated entertainment where you have been there, done that and moved on, you will be glad to know that India, ladies and gentlemen, has arrived. And how! Entertainment is satisfying for both brain and brawn. To satisfy any need… your need for speed, you can try going Go karting-Can't bear to hang around waiting for your torn at the Karts,  play pool or eat yummy grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches or try the

tackling the dinosaur in pinball.  If you are an absolute cyber junkie then umpteen cyber cafes and then all you have to do is log on and… surf's up, baby!

ITEM                                                                       PRICE




Rs 30 For one rack


Rs 100-200 For 10 laps

Sandwich while you wait

Rs 45

Computer game parlours

Rs 10-20 Per game

Cyber café

Rs 100 Per hour

Sub total to satiate your hunger minds                            Rs 435-545 


Ten minutes into music store and anyone can wipe out the saving of Donald Trump himself. We all need something to put in those fancy systems we have invested our hard-earned money in, don't we? CDs and cassettes in fact are among the most popular present doing the rounds. You know you won't go wrong when you gift someone music. Even thought tastes in music differ widely, there is no such thing as 'I hate this music', because in any true music lover's vocabulary, those words just don't exist. Besides all of that, the best way to lift your spirits when you badly need a picker upper, is to go out and buy your self that special song, just song for you. On an average people are noticed to be buying about three tapes and one or  two


ITEM                                                                       PRICE

Two tapes (linden) 

Rs 120

Two tapes (international)

Rs 250

One CD (Indian)

Rs 350

One CD (international)

Rs 535

Sub total to feast your ears out                                        Rs 1,255


  ITEM                                                                       PRICE


 Rs 30 For one rack


Rs 100-200 For 10 laps

Sandwich while  you wait

Rs 45

Computer game parlours

Rs 10-20  Per game

Cyber café

Rs 100 Per hour

Sub total to satiate your hunger minds                            Rs 435-545 

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