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Bisexuality is slowly coming out of the closet.`Citadel' talks to the bisexuals trapped and trounced by the vagaries of nature.

While the alternative sexuality is itching to throw aside the wrap, the heterosexual society still treats this subject with disdain. Little wonder then, that it has not been an easy task for the homosexuals to come out from the closet. Though the heterosexuals and homosexuals lock horns, they both

have a common enemy : The bisexual. "Bisexuality means getting attracted to any person regardless of the gender," defines Arpita Bose, a student of Pune University. "Unfortunately, it is seen in a much worse light than

homosexuality. Even gays look at you with suspicion. They view it as selling out to the other side," fumes Arpita as she continues, "Ashok Row Kavi, the gay activist, is especially well known for his attitude towards bisexuality. He sees it as a cop out. He accuses us of causing an upheaval in the gay community. According to him, the bisexuals come in, disrupt the established couples and return to their heterosexual world. The gays feel that if anybody is even mildly attracted to the other sex, they are basically leaving the door open to escape to the other side." Satpal Singh, a marketing executive, is a secret rebel. "I am leading a dual life," confesses this much married man and a father of two. "I think getting married was the biggest mistake of my life. I have always felt strongly against infidelity. But now the same statements appear so unreal. I want to remain faithful to my wife but I just can't! The irrepressible urge for the male body beside me, torments me. But I can't share my feelings with my wife who can't comprehend a hunger of male flesh by another man," chokes Satpal who has picked up a gigolo from far end of Main Street may a time to satiate his sexual hunger. "So many times, I have thought of getting myself cured, but where do I go? It's like leading a double life." But isn't the number of people indulging in alternative sexuality shooting up? "I think it has more to do with the familiarity of terms and also the visibility," feels Arpita. "People have started being more up front about their true sexual orientation. The bitter truth is that human sexuality is like a continuous number line, going from the positive to the negative infinity, with the two extremes representing gays and the heterosexuals. It is surprising that very few people belong to these two categories. What with most of them lurking somewhere in the middle," explains the twenty-five year old student. "Inspite of this, people like us are called queer and perverts when the fact is that every single human being is capable of getting attracted to the same sex. The question is only how many can realise it and accept it!" shoots the firebrand. "Bisexuality can give you best of both the worlds," laughs Bindiya Sathe, a budding model whose tryst with carnal pleasure

started when she was barely fourteen years old. It happened on that chilly night, "when my cousin nudged too close to me for comfort." Somehow she had liked the feel, the warmth and the softness. "I am having my share of fun with both the sexes," she admits candidly. But whom does she enjoy being with? "Girls!" is the prompt answer. "I think girls are more understanding and

caring about other's needs. Though I love being with men too, they usually are a selfish lot." Bindiya is painfully aware of being caught in the cross-fire and

is determined to set things right for herself. "I wouldn't like to marry another bisexual," she discloses matter-of-factly. "You never know from where the competition comes. Once I am married, I'll put my past behind me. It would be a new beginning." However, Arpita doesn't agree on that score. She feels differently. "To me, marriage is a sacred institution which calls

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