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The Best Gyms and health clubs to sweat those calories!!



Location: Dhole Patil Road
Timings: 6.30 am to 9 am (mixed)
9am to 6 PM only for women.)
6.30 PM to 10 PM (mixed)
Rates: 300/- monthly
Contact: Ms Fazila
Contact numbers: 620526/628307


Sun Fitness Center
Timings 9am to 6pm
Gents timings from 6am to 9am
Fees: Rs 250 /-monthly
Admission Fee Rs 75/-
Instructor: Prajakta Bedi
Facilities: Aerobics ,Yoga, Gym,and floor exercises
Contact Number: 4333225

Talwalkar's Fitness Gym
Location. DhinDahayal, Fergusson College Road
Timings: 6am t8pm. Different gyms for men and women
Prices: Depend on different schemes of Membership
Contact: Varsha
Contact Number: 5657666





Yoga Fitness Academy
Timings: Morning 7am-8.30 am
Evening 6pm – 8.30 pm
Special timings for women : 3.30 pm-5.15 pm
Prices variable –Depending on the amount of treatment or facilities used
Facilities: Yoga, Therapy, and Gym

Hermes Health Club
Location: Shivaji Market, Near St Anns School. Convent Street, Hermes Elegance
Timings: 6am-10am(Mixed batches)
10am-5pm (ladies timings)
5pm-9pm (mixed batches)
Prices: Depend on Yearly Membership.
Contact: Mr Pawar
Contact Number: 659495.


Esprit Health Club
Location: Le Meridian
Prices: Yearly Membership during prime time-15000/- + tax
Yearly membership during off hours –10,000/- +tax
Contact: Archana Deshpande
Contact Number: 633998

Pyramids Health Club
Location: North Koregaon Park
Opp Vridavan Gardens
Contact; Mr. Yusuf Khan
Prices monthly: Rs 1000-1500/-
Contact number: 611337


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