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pic1.gif (5843 bytes)Getting the concept of eyecare right is the shy, retreating ophthalmologist Dr. Sanjay Christian, when he threw open the doors of his spanking new, state-of-the-art medical facility to the Punekars, called The Pune City Eye Hospital. The healthcare centre that was inaugurated by the head honcho of the Poona Blindman's Association (PBMA), not only throws a whole new perspective to the art of looking after one's precious peepers, but offers myriad facilities like Advanced Microsurgery for Catract, Phacoemulsification - that is an intricate, procedure that involves a stitchless surgery with foldable introcul lens implant, a Glaucoma Clinic and Surgery, a Vitreo-Retinal Examination and Surgery, a Laser Treatment for Retina, a Squint and Oculoplastic Surgery, a Computerised Eye-testing for refractive errors and Orthoptics and eye exercises, Contact lenses. Apart from these, this eye surgeon who has been instrumental in performing delicate surgeries that run into six- digit numbers for the PBMA, also includes a Computerised Ultrasound Scanning and Biometry of the eye as a part of his repertoire for his new eye hospital in Bharat Arcade at Pulgate. And yes, they also provide a under-one-roof services like a spectacle shop, an ophthalmic drug store and basic lab facilities for the convenience of his patients. Now this is what one would call visualising a bright future!

pic2.gif (8490 bytes)Are you absolutely fed up swallowing the bitter pill? We mean the anti-inflammatory drugs and analgesics which cause acidity and gastric irritation. Well, then there's good news for you. Emcure Pharmaceuticals has just introduced a novel drug delivery system first time in India to give twenty-four hours pain relief. It's a transdermal patch therapy to be applied directly at the site of pain. It contains Ketoprofen, which is a world renowned anti-inflammatory drug available in eighty countries. Now designed for Indian patients and our climatic conditions, it's highly effective for those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, low back pain, sports injuries, sprains and strains. So the next time you are in pain, just stick it and watch the pain subside. Priced at rupees twenty-five, this technological innovation comes from the Pune based ISO 9002 company which is slated to be one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies in the country. Indeed, a company to watch out for!

pic3.gif (11093 bytes)A radiant smile to the faces of the little ones struck by the terrible `C' was the Cancer Patients Aids Association. The party hosted by them to bring in the festival of lights made sure that the kiddos forgot all about their pain as they merrily clapped and enjoyed every bit of the performance put up by the dancing dolls trained by Ms. Mansukhani. Adding a special sparkle to their eyes were the fireworks and the eats n' gifts that followed. And while the kids pranced around it was heartening to note that in its five years of existence in Pune, the CPAA has made such a difference to the lives of the Cancer patients. So many of whom have almost recovered. In order to celebrate that, the CPAA hosted a sort of thanksgiving dinner at `Sanskruti' for all their silent patrons and generous donors who have readily opened up their arms and their hearts to reach out to the underprivileged who are suffering from the dreaded disease. We at `Citadel' would like to stand up for a round of applause for the CPAA team in Pune who have been doing tremendous amount of work right from awareness campaigns to disbursement of free medical aid to needy Cancer patients to play groups for Leukemia children. We hope and pray that they continue to work with the same dedication and zeal, for many more years to come.

pic4.gif (12569 bytes)It is terrible to see someone you love, unwell and suffering. More so, when the illness is terminal and all hope is lost. What do you do? How do you cope with such an agonising ordeal? That is when Satseva, a unique service provided by CARE India Medical Society, a charitable trust in Pune comes to your rescue. In a bid to eliminate or rather, elevate the pain, these pain managers led by the understated Dr.Madhuri and her fantastic team provide free Cancer terminal care at home, through their institution. Watching the gratitude on the faces of the families of the patients at the gathering organised by the NGO to make the festive season special, was a revelation to the extent of the goodness that the human race is capable of. Making the occasion even more special were industrialist Arun Firodia, actor Shashi Kapoor, the Jt. Director, Health Services Pune, Dr.Subhash Dodwad, Dr. Mehroo Jal Mehta, President, Satseva and Col. N.S. Nyayapathi, Hon. Director and Managing Trustee. Both, Kapoor and Firodia, recounted their experiences with the dreaded `C' and recalled watching the brave fight put up by the late Jennifer Kapoor and the late H.K Firodia, respectively. But it was the incorrigible Dr.Mehroo Jal Mehta who held the audience captive with her special brand of humour and a no-nonsense attitude that heavily underscores her concern for the terminally ill patients and empathy for their families.Truly a touching event for the weak hearted.

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