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All India Pranic Healing Foundation Trust -
Self-healing using human energy, prana, aura

Links to Alternative Medicine Sites 

Billion Dollar Acupuncture -
Acupuncture clinic run by doctor brothers
Alternative Medicine -
Dr. Bach flower's remedies
Books on Ayurveda -
Catalogue of Ayurveda and alternative medicine books
Ayurveda -
esource on Ayurveda and naturopathy
Dehlvi Remedies Pvt. Ltd -
Dealers of unani, ayurvedic and herbal medicines.
Healing with Reiki -
Site on healing techniques of Reiki
Complementary & Alternative medicine - Contains alternative approaches in alternative medicine
Dr. P. B. Mathur -
Electrochemical therapy in healing menorrhagia.
Jaysmith Natural Care -
On-line clinic on naturopathy and free news letter.
Lithotripsy -
Treatment of urinary stones with shockwaves without surgery
GOURDIN - an Anti-diabetic -
Explanation about a herbal extract for curing diabetes
Kapur Acupuncture Clinic -
Well equipped clinic with all high tech systems of diagnosis
Medicine for Coronary Heart Disease - Details about a ayurvedic medicine to cure coronary heart disease
Naturoheal-The wonder medication. -
Natural medication information
Open University of Alternative Medicines -
Largest international open university for courses on alternative medicines
Naturo Electro Homoeopathy Medicos - Engaged in development and research of the medical system electropathy
Niamath Research Foundation -
Conducts research in the area of Unani Tib
Open University of Alternative Medicines - Promoting the growth of alternative medicines Reiki Courses Online -
Reiki healing courses on the net
Sri Ram Cancer Clinic -
Produces herbal medicines for cancer, AIDS and other diseases
The Alternative Medicine Web Page -
Medical sources for hypnosis, bio-feedback, acupuncture, massage etc.
Shivambu - Urine Therapy -
Excerpts from Dr. Nila Sanghvi's book on urine therapy for cure of diseases

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