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It was like instant karma. Almost as if a personal genie had appeared from nowhere and had offered to grant me three wishes. Now if you think this is possible in this new age of spiritual holocaust that has caught everyone mid sentence, read on. The first time I set my eyes on a gleaming copper pyramid winking back at me, I was totally spellbound. I could almost feel a hypnotic pull as I heard about the mystic qualities it possesses. Agreed, the fascinating architectural impossibility of yore were legendary, but I still couldn't fathom how it emanates a strong energy field. The magic mantra being that one has to meditate just five minutes a day, to unleash its positive powers which have a harmonising effect on the inner ecology of one's life. It worked in more ways than one. I could almost feel a vital energy force that opened up new vistas. Of course, the spoilsport skeptics could label it as mere coincidence. But Sahasrabudhe, who is a metalurgist by profession and a spiritually awakened person by obsession, mentioned. "Try it out if it works for you," he offered, since it has worked on his friends and acquaintances. That's how my tryst with pyramids, which incidentally, a lot of modern day architects are also using in the design of homes, began. Even as we talk of pyramids, the first picture that springs to mind is of the Great Pyramid, which stands at the precise geographical centre of the earth where the latitudes and longitudes intersect, in Egypt. Built by the Pharohs as burial tombs around five thousand years ago, it took years to unearth the secret passages and understand the genius behind their construction, which preserved their dead in the form of mummies for centuries. Though what many have not been able to figure out is how the magnificent stones that are in perfect sync with each other, were lifted and transported over a distance that covered as many as fourteen to fifteen miles. Also how this awe-inspiring monument has withstood the ravages of time and weather, is an enigma that is stroked with an aura of eternal mystery. To the extent that the great thinkers have described the pyramids as a building that is let down from the heavens, which has been untouched by the human hands. And to think that despite the marvels of modern technology, there is no crane to-date that can lift a single stone that weighs from two to seventy tones a piece, while the Great Pyramid of Giza has been constructed from twenty-four lakh such stones of diverse tonnage! Think about it! According to a French man named Bovis, who has done much research on the divine subject, the power of the pyramids could be attributed to its shape and angle. That is the reason why the King's Chamber (a focal point of energy construction, located approximately at one third the distance from the base) contained remains of dead cats and dogs which had completely dehydrated but did not emit any bad odour. The cause of this phenomenon was due to the pyramid's ability to dehydrate and mummify, despite the humidity in the chamber. He further replicated the model of the pyramid made to the precise dimensions and started experimenting with it. It is due to its precise shape that it has the power to receive energy and transform it on the object placed under it. Lending credence to the fact, are a lot of people in and around Pune who have been using the pyramids for almost everything... from recharging dry cells to even energizing their pets! Pyramids have also been reported to bring about negative ionization in the room it is placed in, as it lessens the positive ions and thereby purifies the air in the room. Interestingly, pyramids come in all shapes and sizes. Like the Dome-shaped pyramids that are commonly seen in mosques or the Taj Mahal and other moghul heritage monuments. Then there is the Sun pyramid, which is basically an inverted pyramid that is usually seen in vedic hawan kund, used for the purpose of yagna. The Cone-shaped pyramids found in cathedrals, are also said to attract a special range of psyshic energy. Strangely enough, the little conical caps which children are presented with for birthday parties are supposed to have a very positive effect on the child. For that matter, Mr.Sahasrabudhe who also makes copper pyramids, suggests that children should wear those conical caps whilst studying and notice the difference in their power of grasping and concentrating. All this is hard to believe till you experience it for yourself. And this you can do by making your own pyramid from any material, be it card paper, plastic, wood, glass, copper or crystal. The exact placing of the pyramid can be done with the help of a compass, where you'll have to keep it parallel to all the directions. Also the pyramid must be kept in a clean and airy place. Once that is done, devote a few moments of your busy day to sit comfortably and look at the North face of the pyramid. Look North for Wealth. Relax and consider what your material needs are. Close your eyes for a few moments and think about what you desire, in the material sense. Think consciously of all the physical items you wish to possess. Don't start worrying about how you will attain it. No matter how hopeless life seems, it's destiny's job to turn that around and bring you everything you need. But be quite sure that if it's money you really require. When you do get the cash, you know what you are going to do with it? Pay off the bills! As a part of the technique, instead of wishing for the money alone, imagine that all your bills have been paid. Picture in your mind the bills with a `PAID IN FULL' stamped on all of them. Whatever it is you need, concentrate on what it will be like when your desire has been fulfilled. Slowly, open your eyes again and view the northern surface of the pyramid before you stand up and carry on with your daily routines. The East Face For Love & Peace of Mind One person you need to love, is yourself; even if you have little or no contact with other people. Arrange your seat so that you can face the East side of the pyramid. Then gently close your eyes outside and open your eyes within. If you should find your mind galloping along the minute you shut your eyes, with worries and troubles, push them into the background. Think instead, of a calm or happy incident. A sense of peace will gradually begin to envelop you. Keep your eyes closed for another couple of minutes. Then open them gradually and slowly you'll start feeling more alive and beautiful within. South Face For Protection You must remember that this technique will not work if the sole motive is to cause pain and harm to others. This South face technique is known to bounce back in equal measure, any negativity that is directed at anyone else. Before using the South face method, ask yourself a few simple questions about the subject you intend to work upon. For one, has this person, group or situation caused me actual physical harm or mental turmoil? If yes, use this technique. If not, this technique will not be effective. The West Face For Health & Strength This face is very important and will help to sweep away physical pains, dispel disease and enable your body to heal whatever is ailing you. Please note,that under no circumstances must you attempt to use the West face routines to replace qualified medical care. If you need medical treatment, do see your doctor though you can add the west face energies to help you recover faster. Visualise yourself as fit and healthy. Entertain those thoughts as vividly as possible for a couple of minutes. Then open your eyes, gaze at it for about ten seconds and conclude this routine. Twenty-four hours before performing the above technique, place a container of ordinary drinking water beside it. Once you complete the meditation, drink the water. By drinking the water you are taking in energies which will allow your body to attune itself to good health. This is but a small capsule on the immense powers of the Pyramid. And even as we come to a close end of this century, there are thousands of students all over the world who are srudying this power of pyramids. For those of you who are hungering for more information, you can get in touch with Sahasrabudhe at 4471368. Enjoy the joy ride


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