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The primary function of life on earth is reproduction. This is true for all forms of life. When we die, the only thing we leave behind which could not be have been created by anyone else, is our progeny. Every act, human or animal, is therefore necessarily directed towards procreation which is achieved only by the sex act. Indeed, had nature not made this activity the most pleasurable act known to man, the human race would have become extinct ages ago!

The basic requirement for sex is to place one male and one female of the same species in a reasonably fit physical condition. No education or training is necessary. The male is programmed for Quantity. A young healthy male can ejaculate millions of sperms a day. Thus, just one male is sufficient to impregnate all the females in the world! The female is programmed for Quality. She can produce only one egg a month and would therefore direct al her towards mating her oh-so-rare egg with the best quality sperm available.

Sex is the greatest motivator beyond survival. Once the stomach is full, the next immediate objective is sex. Women use make-up to look attractive. They dress to titillate. Nobody takes an attractive woman into the bedroom to sit and meditate with her!

Men and women spend hours exercising in fitness centers- not because the tailor enjoys stitching clothes for good bodies- but because good bodies add a touch of sensuality to their persona.

Men (and increasingly women today) want to earn more money because money is power. Power makes a person sexually attractive. Power, be it physical or financial, is by itself of no consequence. It is the perks that flow from power- food, clothing, shelter, security- that motivates people to attain power. These benefits too are not an end in themselves: one can eat only so much food and no more; wear only one shirt at a time and be sheltered under only one roof at a time. The end ofcourse, is getting sex, sex and more sex, since our survival and security is guaranteed, what else is there but to indulge in sex?

Sex, therefore, is the greatest and most powerful motivator for a human activity. It is the be-all and end-all of human existence. It is also the ultimate yardstick of power. The most powerful man in the world today is the U.S. President. The motivation to achieve this power is of course sex, whether it be Bill Clinton with Monica Lewinsky or JFK with Marilyn Monroe. Or even Vishwamitra with Maneka, ten thousand years ago. Very little has changed in ten thousand years.

Sex was the most primordial drive aeons ago. It still is. It will always be.


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