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Life is not always straightforward, especially when we decide to pursue a dream. You need to be creative to reach your goal. Here are some ideas to exercise your 'creativity muscle'.

The example is a task to which Mr.Vaidya was set during the 1997 Mind Sports Olympiad: "List as many uses as possible for a soft-boiled egg".

  1. Write down anything that comes to mind, be it practical, silly or outrageous

  2. Look around you. Pick each item that you can see in turn and use it to create a new idea. For instance, I can see a plant in front of me. This suggests using the egg as fertilizer, or using the eggshell as a tiny pot for growing plants or herbs.

  3. Think in broad categories. For instance: people, commercial, industrial, charity, movies. Then narrow it down: soft-boiled eggs and people might suggest having a breakfast with friends, an egg-race, a soft-boiled egg competition.

  4. Analyze the object, think of all its aspects. A soft-boiled egg consists of a shell, egg-white, some hard egg-yoke and some soft egg-yoke. What can you do with each of those?

  5. Use all your senses. What does a soft-boiled egg taste like, feel like, look like, smell like. This suggests leaving the egg out to rot, putting one in front of each of your windows, to deter burglars.

  6. Broaden the question. For instance "List as many uses as possible for an object". See what ideas this gives you, and then see how you can do this with an egg. For instance, you would use an object to get to work. If you covered your route to work with soft-boiled eggs (peeled), you could slide to work.

  7. Be as silly as you want to be. The first step is to create the (silly or not) ideas. Once you have enough ideas can you put on your 'practical' hat and decide how to use your ideas.


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