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Keep your targets still. 
Keep your targets constant until you reach them.

One thing that is really worth sharing with you readers, is a lesson learned over the past years, about goals. This particular lesson has made it clear to as to why, so often, we set goals, and then they do not work out. It is so simple and obvious, maybe there is no-one else out there who has had this problem.

Anyway, the main thing with goals is that once you have set the target, KEEP THE TARGET STILL.

What is meant by this? Well, for a number of years, you keep doing goal setting exercises, and find it easy to create these dreams. To come up with a picture of what they would look like, how you would feel about them, reasons for wanting them, etc. YET, you kept on finding that they did not work out. You got frustrated, and had all sorts of problems because of this. So why did they not work out?

We set big goals (all the good advice on goal setting is to go for really big, motivating dreams). Well that part is fine. The problem comes when a little voice inside you  would say, 'But you don't deserve this success. You can't possibly make such a huge dream come true.' So then you would modify things and reset the target. And you would not just reset it once, but lots and lots of times. Of course, this means that it becomes impossible to hit the target, as it is always moving.

It is advisable then to set a goal and keep that target firmly in mind. Seek the steps to achieve it, and if it is the right thing for you, you will find the way to achieve it. We ALL deserve success (whatever that means to each of us). Well, the bottom line is to keep faith in your own dreams and they will happen. You could enjoy more success in your business now than you did before. You could have set targets last year and see yourself achieving them now - provided you keep them still long enough to let it all work.


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