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1.   Generally do the men you date

Expect you to pay
Go dutch
Insist on paying
Let you treat them occasionally

2.   In your relationships you feel

You are being used
You are inferior to your partner
You call the shots
You feel like equals and can communicate

3.   Men seem more interested in you when

You are happy
Are weak and at their beck and call
Chase them
You are strong and in control

4.   When you cry the man in your life

Will do anything to please you
Is never there to support you
Doesn’t take you seriously
Understands but isn’t manipulated by your tears

5.   Most men give you

Their emotions but not their money
Their money but not their emotions
Both their emotions and money and expect you to do the same in return.

6.   When you have an argument, the men you date

Convince you that they are right and you are wrong
Give in and let you have your way
Ignore your point

7.   When the man you’re involved with has a
      problem he

Talks about it incessantly and wants your advice
Makes it seem insignificant
Pretends it’s your problem
Tells you he’s upset but lets you know he can handle it

8.   The men you date are

Affectionate initially but less so as time goes on
Affectionate more often than not
Overly romantic and affectionate.
Affectionate when things go their way


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