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Start-line stalls eliminate Jordan from Austria
13th May, 2001

Despite running strongly all weekend in Austria, neither of the Jordan cars was able to finishA close up of the Jordan the race - for the first time this season. Both drivers stalled at the start, ending their days before they had even begun. Heinz-Harald Frentzen's EJ11 suffered a broken gearbox, and the team has to investigate exactly what happened. After his second non-finish in a row, the German was very disappointed. "This was a particularly disappointing result as I was pleased with the car's balance this morning and felt we had good prospects for the race," he told waiting journalists. "When I tried to move off the start I heard a grinding noise, and felt the gears were jammed. It became clear the gearbox was broken although we do not yet know the cause for this. It is a frustrating way to end a weekend where we had a good opportunity to score points."

Jarno Trulli's problem at the start was the new launch control system, although his team was able to recover him to the pits and re-start his car. However, he did not realise that the red light was still showing as he left the pit lane, a lap down on the rest of the field, and, because of this, he was black-flagged on lap 13, which meant the end of his race. "I am very disappointed with today's race, as having qualified fifth we should have had a good result," he lamented. "The launch control system didn't work at the start so the engine stalled. I noticed the system wasn't working properly during warm-up this morning and although we made some adjustments, it clearly wasn't enough. I was pushed into the pit lane and re-started the race behind the safety car. I was shown some blue flags as I was one lap down, but was then 'black flagged' for leaving the pit lane while the exit light was red."

Team owner Eddie Jordan was as disappointed as his drivers. "I've had some bad races and this was one of them!" he exclaimed afterwards. "After warm-up I really felt that we were in good shape for the race as both cars ran well with good balance. Unfortunately it wasn't to be as Heinz had a gearbox problem that jammed the gears at the start so his car couldn't move, and Jarno's engine stalled after launch control failed. It would appear that the revs were possibly too low for the launch control to activate, which is a fault by the team and not Honda. Jarno had to retire after being shown a black flag for leaving the pit lane to join the race when the pit exit light was red. It's very disappointing for both drivers and the team, and we will be having a thorough de-brief to establish the reasons for our lack of performance today."

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