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Verstappen finishes seventh with an impressive performance.
March 18th, 2001

Verstappen and Hakkinen battle it out.Arrows driver Jos Verstappen clearly demonstrated not only his own skills as a competent Formula One driver, but also that the Asiatech powered A22 had the legs to compete with the best of the mid-ranked teams, with his superlative drive during the Malaysian Grand Prix

The Dutchman passed a remarkable 12 cars on the first lap, and spent the rest of the afternoon dicing with Mika Hakkinen, and at one stage ran in second place.

‘The whole team should be very happy with that,’ said the exalted 29-year-old. After theJos Verstappen during his superlative performance. tough start we had to the weekend it was a great feeling to be so high up in the race.’ We got the maximum out of the car and the maximum out of me, especially at the start - I think that's one of my best ones yet! The car felt good in the wet but we know from last year it is good then and I have to say that I really enjoyed being up there in second place. The only shame is that we just missed out on the points but we're very happy that we have finished the race for the second time this season,’ he said.

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