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Post Monaco GP Press Conference
27th May, 2001

MS : Michael Schumacher
RB : Rubens Barichello
EI : Eddie Irvine

Q. Michael many, many congratulations. Your fifth win here at the great circuit and in some ways your easiest one. The Mclaren failed to finish again, what do you think of that?

MS: I don't know, obviously they did have some kind of problem with one car at least, the other car started normal, but I've no idea, speak to them. I don't want to say anything to that. I think I should talk about my issue.

Q. It seems that only the truly great win here many times. You have won five times, other multiple winners have been Senna, Prost and Graham Hill. What's so special, what do you need to do round here to win?

MS: Finish the race first of all. It's quite important. Because here it's very easy to do mistakes, it is a hard circuit. Although it was an easy drive it is still hard, because we do still reasonably fast lap times. I don't know what's so special, I certainly love that circuit, I have always found it easier to find my set-up, which is very important again here to throw around the corner, the car through the corners. You have to be lucky to some degree as well.

Q. Was the race easier this year with the traction control and automatic gearboxes or was it as challenging as ever?

MS: Pretty challenging, because you have the traction control, it means you go faster actually, and that means it's physically to some degree harder.

Q. Rubens you celebrated extending your contract at Ferrari with a superb second place, it looked very straightforward from the outside, was it for you?

RB: Not at all. I mean I had quite a lot of trouble since lap 9/10, because I started having cramp on my foot. Something happened to the pedals because they were vibrating quite a lot, and actually Ross became a physiotherapist, because I ask him, if he knew something I could do inside the car, because it was really, really bad. There was a time I could hardly feel my right foot, and you know, he was saying drink water, drink water. At one stage it was gone. So I was having quite a lot of problem inside of the car actually.

Q. Eddie many, many congratulations for you. It's your first podium since leaving Ferrari and the first ever podium for the Jaguar team. You must be delighted for you and the team.

EI: Yes, it's fantastic to get a podium and especially here you know. To have two Ferrari's and a Jaguar on the podium in Monaco is really what formula 1's about, no way. We have got to see if we can consistently get up here though. Monaco is a strange circuit, we've been quick here all weekend. Let's hope we can carry that speed into Canada

Q. Not a totally uneventful race, I believe you hit the barrier, were there no ill effects from that.

EI: I touched the barrier at the swimming pool, but it was on the inside wheel and I was pretty much sliding when I hit it, so it made me slide a little bit more, but no ill effects at all.

Q. Michael, we go to a completely different race now at Canada, which is all about top speed. You have a twelve point lead in the championship, what is the program between then and now for Ferrari?

MS: We will be testing next week at Magny Cours for three days. I think it's the last test we can do before the Magny Cours race if I'm right. It's not a particular test for Canada obviously, but we know very well what we have to do for Canada. We're prepared for that and let's hope we can show again a one-two.

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