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Coulthard levels with Schumy on points.
April 15th, 2001

Second place and six points for David Coulthard in San Marino increased his overall score in the drivers' championship to 26 points, and put him equal first with Michael Schumacher. Ralf and DC celebrate
Beginning from pole, he had to let Ralf Schumacher pass at the start and was not able to catch him over the course of the race. "At the start I had too much wheelspin and Ralf Schumacher managed to get past me on the inside," the Scot explained.

"After that, it was the most uneventful race I have driven this season, but as a result of inconsistency in my tyres, also the most difficult. It's good to be on the podium again and I'm pleased with the six points and my Championship position."

Mika Häkkinen also lost out at the start, and dropped back from 2nd to 4th. At the end of the day, it was the same position that he crossed the finish line in. The Finn faces the knowledge that his team mate is now 22 points and 6 places ahead of him in the championship.

"The start basically decided the outcome of my race, when I was passed by Montoya and Trulli," he said. "It's very difficult to overtake at Imola unless the driver in front of you makes a significant mistake, so I was stuck in fourth place for most of the race. Nevertheless I'm happy to have scored points and my current situation, whilst being better than last year, is very similar - the Championship is still open."

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