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The Minardi

Technical Information > 2001 Engine
Model: Fondmetal V10
Number of cylinders: 10
Configuration: 72 degree vee
Number of valves: 40
Capacity: 2998 cc
Materials: cylinder block aluminium
Engine management system: Magneti Marelli Step 8 software to Minardi spec.
Lubrication system: dry sump
Ignition system: Magneti Marelli
Spark plugs: Champion
Technical Information > 2001 Car
Chassis: monocoque body in carbon fibre and aluminium honeycomb composite; 2 pedals
Bodywork, wings: carbon fibre
Suspension: in carbon push-rod with torsion bars; steel wishbones; F/S shock absorbers
Steering: a rack and pinion; steering wheel (dia. 275) in carbon with clutch and gear levers integrated
Brakes: Brembo six piston calipers, front and rear, Brembo and Carbone Industrie carbon fibre brake disks; hydraulic brake balance adjuster
Gearbox: Minardi longitudinal with magnesium casing, six-speed plus reverse, semi-automatic with Magneti Marelli electronic control (Minardi software)
Differential: Minardi viscous
Clutch: Ap Racing, three-disk in carbon fibre
Wheels: in magnesium, front 13" x 12.0", rear 13" x 13.7"
Dimensions: length 4420 mm, width 1800 mm, front track 1452 mm, rear track 1420.7 mm
Telefonica, Psn, Pdp, Doimo, Frezza, Car, Ciet, Novatec, Allegrini, Musashi , El Dia, TELE System, Cimatron, LG, I.A.N., Beta, Brembo, Sparco, Sabelt, Official Suppliers, LOIS, CANTINE SOLDO, BRUNO MAGLI
Key Personnel
Chairman and Managing Director: Gabriele Rumi
General Manager: Gian Carlo Minardi
Sporting Director: Frédéric Dhainaut
Technical Director: Gustav Brunner
Aeordynamics Manager: Jean-Claude Migeot
Magnetti Marelli Electronics Manager: Claudio Tarallo
Technical Co-ordinator: Gabriele Tredozi
Logistics Manager: Domenico Sangiorgi
Press Officers: Stefania Torelli
Chiara Stanzani
Drivers: Marc Gene
Gaston Mazzacane
Minardi Team SpA,
via Spallanzani, 21 z.i
48018 Faenza,

Tel: +39 546 620480
Fax: +39 546 620998

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