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Technical Information > 2001 Engine
Engine: Peugeot A20
Number of cylinders: V10 72 degrees
Cubic capacity: 2998 cm3
Timing: By gear group.
Valves: 4 per cylinders, with pneumatic return
Cylinder block and cylinder heads: Light alloy
Camshafts: 2 per row of cylinders
Fuel feed and ignition: TAG Electronic control
Dimensions (mm): 583 x 544 x 376
Weight: less than 120 kg
Technical Information > 2001 Car
Chassis: Carbon composite monocoque designed and manufactured at Prost Grand Prix. Combined oil circuit, with engine and gearbox supply located between the engine and the cockpit.
Front & Rear suspension: Push rod operated torsion bars and carbon composite wishbones
Brakes: Prost Grand Prix system. AP Racing calipers
Transmission: Longitudinal semi-automatic seven-speed gearbox. PGP design, manufactured by X-Trac. Hand controlled AP Racing multi-plate carbon clutch.
Tyres: Bridgestone.
Fuel System: ATL rubber fuel cell mounted within the monocoque structure behind the cockpit.
Cooling System: None-symmetrical. Separate water radiators in each side pod, plus oil (gear box and engine) radiator on left hand side of engine.
Electric system: 12-Volt system with light batteries.
3M, AGFA, Altran, BIC, Bridgestone, CATIA, Cegetel, Charmills Technologies, Desk, Dili pace, DISA, DMG, Europcar, Facom, Fenwick-Okuma, Gauloises Blondes, IBSV, J.M. Weston, Peugeot, Play Station, SAN, Sescoi, Silicon Graphics, Sodexho, SPARCO, Superior, TBF, Total, Unika, Volvo, Yahoo
Key Personnel
Team Owner: Alain Prost
Technical Director: Jean-Paul Gousset
Assistant Tech Dir/Aerodynamics: Loic Bigois
B3 Technologies: John Barnard
Team Manager: J P Chatenet
Engineering Manager: D Perrin
Race Engineer: V Gaillardot
Drivers: Jean Alesi
Nick Heidfeld
Test Driver: Stephane Sarrazin
Prost Grand Prix
7 Avenue Eugene Freyssinet,
78286 Guyancourt,

Tel: +33 1 39 30 11 00
Fax: +33 1 39 30 11 01

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