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Malaysia, Sepang - March 16th - 18th - 2001

About the Malaysian GP

Malaysia is steadily becoming an established Formula One host even though the circus will make only its third visit there in 2001. The facilities are top-notch, with plenty of space for teams, media and fans, and the track is universally liked. This year the race has been moved to the second round of the season, which means teams will start the year off with two warm races. Unlike Australia, Malaysia has a much more tropical climate with high levels of humidity, and this makes it tough for drivers. Ferrari has conquered the race in the past two years – the layout tends to favour Maranello’s cars.

Car set up

Cars require a medium downforce setting, with a trade off between drag and top-speed for the very long pit straight.

The track

5.542,183 m , Sepang

Pole Position 2000 :
Michael Schumacher - Ferrari

2000 winner:
Michael Schumacher - Ferrari


Thurday  March 16th 03.00-04.00 and 05.00-06.00
Free practice
Saturday March 17th 01.00-01.45 and 02.15-03.00
Free practice
Qualifying - 12 laps allowed per driver
Sunday March 18th 01.30-02.00 Warm-up
  06.00 Malaysian GP
  All times are GMT

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