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Body Language

The attraction you feel every time this girl/guy is around is so strong that it would put a magnet to shame! You want him/her to know that you’re interested but don’t have the guts to just go up to them and say so for fear of outright rejection.

Or then, you aren’t even aware of it…but he/she and probably other observers read the signals that spell out INTERESTED loud and clear.

If you’re still clueless as to how and why…we’re talking about that language that you probably haven’t been able to master or figure as yet…no not the Greek or Latin one…we’re referring to the one concerning your body!

Read on to learn the art of body language…mastering it though, would come with experience…so be alert and sensitive to the goings on around you.

  • Before we start, let’s get this straight - when we say that you are to observe his/her body language, we are not referring to their anatomy but to their facial expressions, gestures, actions, etc…also remember, if they feel they’re being scrutinized the results may not be accurate.

  • To find out if someone is interested, the best way to find out would be by creating a situation and then make your next move according to the response that you get.

  • There’s this person you’ve been eyeing and are attracted to and don’t know whether the feeling is mutual? Well if you catch the person looking at you time and again, you can be sure that something is brewing.

  • If you find that you’re not the only one smiling or making plenty eye contact, you can then try to strike up a conversation without wearing your heart on your sleeve!

  • You probably dream of gazing into the eyes of your crush, but please note how they look at you. We know love is blind, but if you see them squinting at you or peering through narrowed eyes don’t fool yourself into thinking they are trying to get a better look, they are probably looking at you with disapproval.

  • If you find him/her crossing your path more often than that black cat, luck is definitely on your side.

  • The constant flow of giggles that her friends let out every time you pass by is an indication too, just as much as when those friends of yours call out your name every time she passes by.

  • If the two of you hang around together, you could test the waters by touching their arm when you share a joke or when you’re making a point. If they don’t seem to mind then you’re on the right track. However if she shrugs your hand off or moves away, then kindly take the hint.

  • Before you try dirty dancing like Patrick Swayze, check out your partner’s body language. If he/she matches you step for step, you’re dancing to the right tune but if she prefers rubbing shoulders with the guy behind her…you’ve reached a dead end.

  • There are more subtle ways of telling if the object of your affection is seriously interested. He/she might act weird around you or then behave very nervous.

  • Sometimes, them avoiding you could also show that they’re interested…sometimes, especially if they happen to be the ‘shy’ types.

  • If you’ve already managed to hook them up and want to go a step further, don’t grab them simply because you want to, instead make sure that they are responsive to your advances.

    The whole key to really learning to read body language is not only to look for clues, but also to do subtle things to get more clues to see if you’re on the right track. Every action leads to a reaction…whether equal and opposite - is something you will find out, provided you’ve learnt the art of non-verbal communication!



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You get a call from a certain person you’ve been eyeing lately asking you for a date. You dress up and reach there only to find out that your friends have played a prank on you. Would you...

a) Scream at them telling them how crude they are?
a) Walk past them coldly and snub them for a week.
Split your sides laughing?

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