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The Date

Now he’s already at your doorstep and ready to go but there’s just one problem - you don’t know what to say, either because you’re shy or then you don’t possess the necessary skills. Normally this shouldn’t be a worry because the guys normally take the initiative because ‘they’re supposed to’?!! So just go with the flow but don’t get carried away. Anyway to overcome your awkwardness/coyness, etc you just follow these simple guidelines.

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  • If you’re date isn’t as chivalrous as you expected him to be don’t take it too personally... anyway chivalry’s long gone!
  • Don’t be too conscious or you may end up being clumsy and get all the more conscious.
  • If you’ve just been to a movie then that could be a topic of discussion for starters.
  • Don’t go on about your ex boyfriend in fact avoid it totally on the first date... you’re here to talk about him remember?
  • You could just get straight to the point and ask him what he’s doing or rather what it is that he loves to do in his spare time.
  • If you’re getting a li’l uneasy, then excuse yourself and go to the ladies room... if there’s one around.
  • If the conversation or anything in particular is making you uncomfortable then tell him...don’t expect him to read your mind, he’s not a soothsayer he might just tell you he’s feeling the same which would lead to a mutual sigh of relief.
  • If he compliments you or then gives you a card kindly ignore the spelling mistakes and grammatical errors... it’s the honesty and genuineness that matters.
  • If your date is the shy types then ask him things about himself and listen when he talks... he’s been listening to you too.
  • If you decide to go out partying don’t overdo it with the drinking... you don’t want to mess up his car or then your chances with him either???

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