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Whoever said, “a kiss can be a comma, a question mark or an exclamation point” was probably referring not only to the ones expressing our love but also the to the ones that leave so many questions unanswered.

So, that someone special not only makes your heart palpitate… but also your mouth salivate! Only, you get nervous when it comes to the ‘papiyas’ and ‘jhapiyas’? You get tongue tied when it comes to using your tongue? Push not the panic button. Just listen to Right Said Fred’s Don’t Talk Just Kiss’ keeping in mind our tips and you’ll be on your way to being a ‘kool kisser’.

  • First of all - ‘daat manjan’. However, if your toothpaste does not give you ‘taazgi bhara aatmavishwas’, carry along lots of mint…don’t mistake for pudina please.
  • Don’t be too dependent on those mint sprays though…the spring may decide to not work just when you need it…which means you’re zing goes with the spring!
  • Also avoid chewing gum while kissing…in all your excitement you’d probably choke on what could be your last kiss!
  • If French kissing is your style then please remember his/her throat is not a bottle and no my friend, your tongue is definitely not a bottle cleaner.
  • Also, if your partner has braces explore enthusiastically at your own risk…don’t sue us if you end up with a bleeding tongue.
  • Breathing down your partner’s neck is one thing and breathing down their throat is another…just like drooling over somebody is one thing and drooling down them literally, is definitely another.
  • Smooching at the cinema during the film is recommended only if you want all eyes to turn away from the screen and towards you…to give spectators more than their paisa vasool!
  • It would be safer to close your eyes while kissing…you don’t want your partner waking up to watch you checking someone else out (if there is junta around) in the process.
  • No smoking before kissing. Your partner doesn’t want to kiss an ashtray.
  • While you may caress your partner while you kiss…absolutely refrain from groping…unless you’re a desperado.
  • If the kiss is impulsive, make sure you’re partner is too.
  • Even if you’re lips are as luscious as Shah Rukh Khan’s don’t interpret the ‘lip-o-suction’ word literally!
  • If you have a fetish for biting your partner’s lips go ahead…only make sure you don’t go the Mike Tyson way!
  • Most importantly…Kiss… but Don’t tell.


Basically, there are no rules to kissing. Here the old adage ‘practice makes man perfect’ applies absolutely…So as Right Said Fred said, rather sang ‘don’t talk just kiss, let your tongue fool around. Don’t talk just kiss…’

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If you entered a room and everyone stopped
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Feel uncomfortable and wonder what is wrong with you?
Smile at everyone and enjoy the attention?
Stare right back at everyone  without batting an eyelid?


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