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Situated in Khadakwasala, the National Defense Academy (NDA) is a treat to see. Excluding the drive till NDA, the greenery and picturesque surroundings make it one of the best drives in and around Pune. 17 km from Pune, NDA is the only academy in the world, where all the three forces are trained together.

Forming an important backdrop for the training of the forces, it is not uncommon to see punished students running with heavy weight on their backs.

While permission is required to be able to visit the portals of this great institution which has lush greenery and good facilities for training, not to miss the sailing championships which are held every year in the Peacock Bay, this is a must visit for anybody who wants to know what it takes to make boys into patriotic men!

Getting there: On the Pashan Road, from the University Road, you can drive upto Chandini Chowk, where you pass by Garden Court.

A good 10-15 kms away from the city, visits are allowed only on Sundays. If a large group, a guided tour is also provided .
(tel: 25291700)