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Mahatma Phule Wada

The Wada was the residence of Mahatma Jyotiba Phule and is as old as 1852. It is in Ganj Peth, which is a few kms away from Pune station. Mahatma Phule used to live here with his wife.

The house was converted to a museum with photographs of Mahatma Phule with his wife. Inside the wada is a well and it is known that he had opened the well to the backward classes so that they could easily fill drinking water from it.

Photograph of Mahatma Phule and
his wife in the museum

Well inside the Wada

There is a statue of Mahatma Phule in the courtyard and ample space for people to relax under the shade of trees. The Wada is a reminder of 18 and 19th century way of life of the Pune population.

Mahatma Phule's statue

Courtyard in the Wada

Mahatma Phule was in favour of girl-child education. He was the first person to open a school for girls and his wife was the first lady teacher.

Entry is absolutely free.