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Pune's urban elite swear by it .The waysiders call it an area for the snobs, but we Puneites know the truth, that Camp is where the action is, where Pune's elite, class and finesse originate from.

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The area of Camp comprises of Pune Cantonment, Koregaon Park, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Dhole-Patil Road and vicinity.The Southern Command Headquarters are placed in Camp.

Camp area map
For fashion and brand wear, one can’t find many shops in Pune better than the ones here.The finest of Cuisine Restaurants, Discos, Pubs and shops reside in this area. M.G. and D.P. Road together comprise the Manhattan of Pune, where most of the corporate offices, commercial centers and business offices are located. Koregaon Park, synonymous with the Osho International Commune, is one of the major tourist attractions in Pune. Prime clubs like the Poona Club, Residency Club, Parsi Gymkhana and RSI are located in this area. Wadia College, St. Mira’s and Sadhu Vaswani’s missionary are the premier institutions here.
M.G. Road and D.P. Road are about a distance of 1.5 km from each other. Where as Koregaon Park is at about a distance of half km from D.P. Road and 1.5 km from M.G. Road. Commuting within these areas is fairly easy.

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Buses and rickshaws ply frequently and driving cars here is better compared to other parts of Pune. The Pune Railway Station is within camp, a km from M.G. and Koregaon each and half a km from D.P. Road.

Communication facilities like telephones, faxes and cyber cafe’s are in numbers out here.  


Unlike some notions, M.G. Road, also caters to inexpensive shopping. With Wonderland, a prime shopping center for clothes, it also has Fashion Street where you can pick up something good if you have an eye for it. This area has the two most popular burger joints King Burger and Jaws. Other Chinese (Chinese Room, Eddie’s Kitchen), Continental (The Place), Indian (Mirchi Kola) and a number of other joints like ever full Marz-o-rin complete this list of restaurants offering excellent cuisines. Stores like Manney’s Bookstore and The Sound of Music, Cassettes and CD’s have one of the finest collections in Pune.  

Must See’s:
Kayani Bakery for it’s Shrewsberry Biscuits, Marz-o-Rin for its sandwiches and rolls and the Irani Cafe’s and restaurants on the Centre Street and around. Budhani’s wafers are famous and Wonderland is the place for Window Shopping.

Koregaon Park:
A Sanyasi’s haunt, Koregaon Park, besides it’s world famous Osho Commune, with it’s 1st Track Go-Karting and the every Saturday Night haunt - Jazz Garden has become a very popular place with youngsters. Maroon Robed Oshoites and vendors and shops selling artifacts, creative jewellery and robes give Koregaon Park that very different feeling and aura it is known for. Fine restaurants like Arthur’s Theme, Malaka Spice and Prem’s find a lot of patronage between the Oshoites and the localities as well.  

Must See’s:
The Osho International Commune, Osho Nallah Park, a sewage Nallah turned into a beautiful landscape, and ABC farms which has five restaurants.  

Dhole-Patil Road:
With corporate offices and brand outlets, Dhole-Patil road named after the former mayor has become a busy place. With the Domino’s Pizza, Zamu’s and Madhuban, this road has joints catering from corporates to students. Le Meridian and Holiday Inn, Pune’s best at hospitality are all located around. With Wadia’s college and a few others right round the corner, college students hanging around are a common sight. All this plus the posh residential complexes, Bund Garden and the Boat Club, all contribute to make this place Classy.  

Must See’s:
Though shopping for brands is best out here with the large number of outlets, one ought to try the discos out here to get a feel of Pune’s parties and style. The Kathi Kababs at Kapila’s and the stuff at Just Baked is worth trying out. After pubbing in these areas, one can try out the parathas at the Nandus dhaba!