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Pune is a city of contrasts. Affording the luxuries and facilities of a big city, it has the comforts of a small town. While the people remain exceedingly friendly and even more so, when you try a smattering of marathi, this is a city of cross cultures. To be here, you need to be aware of a few things:

Etiquette: Puneites are a friendly lot. If you are over to their place for a meal, they would appreciate flowers or tapes or even a book as most Puneites are voracious   readers.

The flourishing bookshops in the city stand test to that! Dinner times are usually between 8.30 and 10.00, lunch times are strictly adhered to with most shops shutting down for lunch at 1.00 p.m in the afternoon followed by the customary siesta. Ideal not to disturb the Puneites in this hour...


Usually a tip of 10 to 15% is considered customary, however if you are student, then you can get away with it, as `students pay no tips.’ Also tipping a rickshaw driver or even a bus conductor is not required, but porters or coolies, postmen, registered telegram officials and your telephone workmen expect a tip. Also if you are staying at somebody’s place, it is a part of the tradition to tip the servants. If you are just moving to Pune, then your servants and gardeners expect a tip during the festive seasons of Diwali or Ganpati, which could amount to half their salary.

Dress Code: While in Pune anything goes, if you are a student - sleeveless shirts to even minis skirts and shorts, jeans form an ideal and an unsaid dress code.

Though if you want to blend in the crowd, a staid salwar kameez or a sari is a must for business dealings, if you are not sure of what reception you are likely to receive. While at discs and pubs, you can set your own rules. While some follow the adage, `less is more’, others play it by the comfort rules. Just make sure, you get the dressin’ down right, otherwise you might feel out of place!


If you are entertaining in the city, then best to do so at the vast variety of restaurants at your disposal. Clean, health conscious and also offering a vast range of multi-cuisines, it is an ideal solution. Barbecue parties in winter and light salad meals in summer are ideal. Also, if you would like to surprise your guests, a lot of caterers will help you out. Punctual to the T, except when partying, it is best not to keep a business colleague waiting! And preferably talk shop, only over a good game of golf or a mug of beer! 

Help: If you are looking for help or are lost in a city, then Puneites are courteous with directions and easy routes to get. Address the person as a `mama’ or `kaka’ and you are bound to get the directions even more easily! If not, make sure to ask the signal policeman or even the autorickshaw driver for help and he should be able to do so.