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One of the recently developed residential areas in Pune, Kalyaninagar includes the areas of Viman Nagar, Vishrantwadi and Nagar Road which has the Pune Airport in itself. Yerwada, and Vishrantwadi are some of the adjoining areas off Nagar road. Kalyaninagar has been named after Neelkanth Kalyani one of Pune's premier industrialists and Viman Nagar after the Airforce Lohegaon Base and the Pune Airport. Yerewada holds the airport road, the Central Jail and Mental Institution.

Ari Port - Kalyani Nagar

Those worried can rest in peace, as there has been no jailbreak reported in its recent history. The place has the lush green Poona Golf club close by for the avid golfers.

A number of townships have sprung up out here and can no longer be considered the outskirts of Pune! Nagar road is packed with traffic even at ungodly hours as it leads to the Ahmednagar highway and commuters on two wheelers need to take special care of the fast moving Trucks and Jeeps.


Communications are helped by the presence of Airport Road as connecting road for the Airport, from Yerewada also leading to Vishrantwadi. A number of Six-seaters, rickshaws and buses ply to the Airport. All these areas are well-connected with buses and six-seaters. Communications, as in netcafe’s and STD/ISD booths are generally located near the Housing complexes.

The Pune Airport and the Airforce base out here were the centre of talk when the Russian fighter jets Su-30’s came here.

This runway is probably the only one in India in which it’s shared by the city airport and the Airforce. There is the airport, which is shared with the airforce probably, the only joint operations in India.

Another place famous from the Freedom Struggle is the Aga Khan Palace. Gandhiji and Kasturba were imprisoned here and Kasturba Gandhi breathed her last, here itself. The Mahalakshmi Temple near the Yerwada Bridge is also very exquisite and the presence of the greenery is a treat for the eye. Army Institute of Technology on Alandi Road, is an engineering institute for dependent siblings of the Army Officers.On a lighter note, Kalyaninagar is also famous for it's Baron's Health Club.  

Must Sees
The Aga Khan palace of historical importance is a must see. The Alandi road lies near Vishrantwadi, which sees annual pilgrimage to Alandi, a place of religious and historical importance. The spectacular architecture of the various residential complexes in the area, one of which has one an award for its finesse. The Thunderbolt fun games centre is in Kalyaninagar, which also houses an excellent shopping mall called the Nilgiriwalas and should be checked out.