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If you've been around Pune the last two years , then you would have known the fever that had gripped the youth. No other time ever had a sport become so popular among the youth, and the uncles and aunties than when pool hit the streets. Suddenly everybody was playing pool, day in, day out, pool in, pool out, it was everywhere. Anybody with a large enough garage was in a position to open a pool joint, and still make a considerable profit.

They just kept on coming, fresh players , as well as old pros. A certain jingle went 'pool pool pool pool khelo din bhar pool'. How apt! Then isn't it surprising, nay, shocking that the pool culture that had overrun this city only some time ago is fighting to survive now? What used to be some of the major pool joints are now closing! Why, you may ask. We speculate that

  1. there is another more virulent fever that has gripped the city, the whole world in fact. Yes, nothing but that monster of an internet. Now there is a net cafe in every nook and corner of the city. And man, are they flocking!
  2. the recently imposed state government's tax on pool parlours makes this
    business a not-so-lucrative one, at Rs.3000.00 per table.

    Nonetheless, a giant never falls down without a hard fight(and falls very hard as well!) here is looking at some of the still - surviving - and - doing - well pool parlours around town