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It's a city that is continuously looking for ways to amuse itself! Whether it is watching movies on 70 mm screens or simply playing a frame or two! From the younger set to even the young at heart are caught up with either playing pool or surfing the net at various net cafes or just simply mixing business with pleasure at Holiday Inn's Supper Theatre or just enjoying the typical marathi drama at Bal Gandharva. They like their entertainment quick and cheap!

And once you start, you might just not want to stop. Pune's video and virtual game parlors will let you experience the thrill of speeding over a racetrack without getting into a car!

Gunfights, pinball games, bikes, virtual ice hockey, racing cars, you name it and the parlors have it all! If you are bitten by the Internet Bug then be a part of the 'virtual' world by visiting the Internet cafes and discovering new ways of romancing and making friends by 'chatting' and browsing on the Internet. You will find cafes in every nook and corner of the city with hourly rates as low as Rs 10 an hour!

What’s more? Theatre with the best plays now happening in Pune and even those deal with subjects that are usually taboo in the city add to the myriad cultural flavour!
So get set to enjoy the ride on a free evening! Here are the perfect ways of timepass!